2014: The Year In Search

Sochi Olympics

2014 was another amazing year on the planet Earth. Don’t think so? Just drive by a cemetery. There are hundreds of former people there who would have loved to have been a part of 2014.

There was plenty of good that happened and we also had our share of bad as well. Being an optimist, I would say the good far outweighed the bad. That is just what I see on a daily basis. The bad stuff dominates the news because it is out of the ordinary. Good news doesn’t sell because it is so common.

Checking out Google’s top searches for 2014 gives us a glimpse at the year that was 2014. We have just a few days left until 2015. Let’s check out what the world searched for during the past 365 days.

  1. Sochi Olympics – Most people could live without the Winter Olympics, especially us Americans. Give us some NFL games and we are happy. Skiing just isn’t the same as an 80 yard touchdown pass.
Sochi Olympics
  1. Frozen – This Disney film is one of the most popular movies in a while for the Mickey Mouse operation. I have yet to see it, but my family can’t say enough good things about it.
  1. ISIS – Another boogey man group that isn’t happy with the way things are in their universe, so they believe violence is the answer. Their tactics got them plenty of attention, as they landed on the number eight spot on the search list.
  2. Conchita Wurst – This drag queen made headlines by winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. His fame grew even more as conservative folks tried to ridicule the guy, which only made him more famous.
  3. Flappy Bird – I am not a big phone gamer. I like to stick to PS3 games myself. This little mobile phone game went wild as millions downloaded it and became addicted.
flappy bird
  1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – This was one of the coolest trends of the year. For about two months, I heard this mentioned on a daily basis. I don’t know how much money was raised, but over time I know the cause will benefit from this challenge.
  2. Malaysia Airlines – When an entire airplane just goes missing, people take notice. This story made many people realize that even with all the technology available, there are mysteries in the world still.
  3. Ebola – This is a scary disease and unfortunately the media uses things like this to cause big time panic. A frightened public is one that makes the news ratings go up.
  4. World Cup – 2014 was the first year that I really paid attention to this huge soccer event. I don’t know the game very well, but I can appreciate the spectacle it was. I was pleased with my viewing of the event.
world cup
  1. Robin Williams – A great American actor took his own life in 2014. Robin Williams was beloved by millions for his movies. This tragedy just goes to show that anyone is subject to depression and suicide, no matter the level of success it appears they have achieved. A true loss to the world.
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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker