13 Amazing DIY Gift Ideas To Show Your Love To Your Best Friend

Birthday or friendship day, you just need an excuse to send a gift to your best friend. And why not? They mean a whole world to you.

You’ve shared your joys and sorrows with each other, meaning that you know them best. But do you often get hit by the thought when it comes to buying a gift for them, “OMG, what should I buy?”

Although you know everything from their favorite color to books, it’s normal to get confused. Why not become a bit creative this time with some cute handmade gifts?

Today, we will share some of the DIY gift ideas for your best friend, which will be fun and express your love for them.

DIY Gift Ideas for Your BFF

Whether you make it yourself or make someone do it, customized gifts are always special. It’s because they express a lot about your friendship, your love for that special friend.

So, if you’re ready to surprise your friend with something extraordinary, the following are some of the DIY gift ideas that you can give to your best friend.

Matchbox Camera

This is one of the cutest and easiest to make gifts that you can give to your best buddy. All you need is a matchbox and some prompt cards.

Take out the matchbox cover and color it black. Now add the white part and put the prompt cards inside to take photographs.

Open When Letters

It’s difficult to be with your best friend physically all the time, particularly if you live in different cities or countries. But you can still share your thoughts with each other with a collection of open when letters.

The concept is simple; you write a letter for situations like “open this when you’re sad,” or “open when you miss me.” This collection of letters will help keep you closer better than any gift.

Collage of Pictures Together

What can be more fun than seeing the old pictures of you and your friends? Then share those amazing moments with your best friend this time. Photo collage of friends can be a gift that they will cherish forever. If you’re creative enough, you can make it yourself. Or you can do it the romantic way by occupying the entire room with notes and photos attached to the balloons.

Watercolor Portrait

Do you love painting? Then use this talent to express your love for you BFF this time. Just find a nice picture of your friend or you together, maybe something fun and turn it into a nice watercolor portrait. If you’re not good at painting, no problem. You can also use Custom paint by numbers to create amazing paint for your friends.

Sharpie Mugs

Is your friend a coffee addict? The moment can even be better if they have their coffee out of a personalized mug. So, if you’re confused about what to give them on their birthday, make a personalized sharpie mug for them.

Making a Sharpie mug is pretty easy. Just take a plain white coffee mug and a few Sharpies. Draw or write anything you want for your friend. But make sure, the Sharpies are oil-based. Otherwise, the paint will fade after washing.

Cookies in a Jar

Is there anyone who doesn’t love cookies? I am sure your BFF also loves them. Instead of buying a prepackaged cookie tin for them, why don’t you bake it yourself or create a jar full of dry ingredients?

Just search the recipe for your friend’s most favorite cookie recipes and collect the ingredients. Set them in a jar and decorate it nicely before giving them. If you want to enjoy the gift together, go to their place or invite them to your place to enjoy a quality baking time.

Reading Pillow

You love to sew, and your best friend loves to read. So, it’s time to put these hobbies together.

Get a nice fabric, sewing kits, and make a nice pillow for them. What design you put on that pillow is completely up to you. Once you’re finished with the sewing, grab their favorite book, and you’re good to go.

Friendship Bracelet

You can never go wrong with this old-school gift idea. We all have sweet memories of making fancy friendship bracelets when we were kids. This year, make your bond stronger with this amazing gift idea. If your friend is into fashion jewelry, you can also opt for something like a rose gold star bracelet.

Take some free time from your busy life. Grab some nice laces or chain, some colorful beads, and go creative with the bracelets.

Camera Strap

An amazing gift idea to show love and affection to your photographer friend. A shoulder strap made with a fancy cloth can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

No need to go crazy with this gift idea. Just find a nice piece of cloth and make a stylish shoulder strap for the camera. It will make your BFF think about you each time they take a photograph.

Custom Gift Cards

Did you know that today, you can create bespoke gift cards? That’s right, you can give Visa Gift cards with more than the Visa logo. Rather, today’s gift cards can have a custom image that you easily upload and even a brief message. This type of DIY gift giving allows the recipient unlimited options in what they buy, with a meaningful image and note which they will see each time they use the card.

Handmade Organizer

We all have that one friend who never finds their things. This time you can help them to be a bit organized.

You can take some pieces of cloth or cardboard to make a nice organizer. It can be a box or something that they can hang on the wall. Decorate it with images or letters to make it unique.

Fancy Bookmarks

It can be one of the easiest and sweetest gifts for your bookworm friend. With some colorful laces, yarns, and a bit of creativity, you can make a nice bookmark for them.

Attach the bookmark with their favorite book and give it to your friend who enjoys reading. I bet they will remember you each time they open the book.

Bath Melts

Nothing can be more relaxing than a good smelling bath melt. And the best part is, it can be an amazing gift for your friend to soothe them after a hectic day.

You can make a bath melt using various ingredients. Just find your friend’s favorite fragrance and create a refreshing bath melt for them. Knowing that you have them on your mind while making it will be more pleasant for them.

Final Thoughts

A gift doesn’t always need to be expensive and super fancy. The purpose of gifting is to show how much you care for that person. Especially when you’re choosing a gift for your best friend, it should carry the message that you do care for them.

DIY gift ideas are quite sweet and don’t require a number of fortunes. It can be one of the most special things for them as it is made only for them.

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