10 Tips For A Safer Online Shopping Experience

Why wouldn’t we shop online? All the great deals are there. Such amazing collections with convenient shipping! Some even have easy return policies. Most importantly, we don’t have to go anywhere during the pandemic. 

But what about getting scammed? Or having your information stolen? Or getting faulty, substandard products?

This article proudly brings you the best practices. Let’s know.

Top 10 Tips for a Safer Online Shopping Experience

Here are the top 10 tips for safer online shopping in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world.

Only Shop from Secure Encrypted Webpages | Look for The Lock

Check the address bar on your browser. Secure and encrypted websites start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. There should also be a small padlock icon next to the web address.

This indicates that the website you are currently on is a secure and encrypted one. Anything otherwise might have online security risks.

Use Familiar Websites and/or Trusted Apps Only

While there are countless platforms to choose from, some may even seem more convenient. It’s only safe and smart to shop only from familiar, trusted, and verified websites and apps.

Avoid using third-party applications or websites that take you through a jungle of redirecting links to complete the simplest steps in online shopping. They are most likely trying to steal your information or get you to click on some pop-up ads or clickbait for their benefit.

A trusted app or a website would never ask you to redirect to an external webpage or a third-party website. They wouldn’t require downloading unnecessary plugins, extensions, or transaction applications.

Verify the Seller and Their Reputation

There are hundreds and thousands of sellers for products online. How do you tell the originals from the fraud? Even reviews are forged these days.

In such a case, get feedback about the seller from your peers if possible. Check the seller’s domain name. Go through their customer service information. Almost all verified sellers have one or more toll-free customer service channels in place. 

Shopoth.com is among the many verified reliable platforms where customer service is one click or a call away; Toll-free.

Avoid Oversharing Information

Do not overshare any personal, contact, or financial information under any circumstances. No online seller or shopping platform would ever require your birthday or your NID no. for completing a transaction or purchase. 

Consult your card provider to know more about the information required for online transactions and refrain from sharing anything beyond that.

Avoid Shopping in Public or Using a Public Connection to Shop

Imagine typing in your card information in public, and someone gets a hold of it looking over your shoulder. You don’t want that happening under any circumstances. 

Even using public wi-fi might put you at risk. If you’re just out for coffee and start shopping using the restaurant wi-fi, hackers or scammers might be able to get a hold of your information using the same connection.

To avoid such situations, it’s always a good idea to use a VPN to enter a public network securely.

Use Credit, Not Debit

Credit card purchases limit your liability to very low unauthorized charges if your information is stolen and the money in your account is untouched.

Most debit cards don’t offer this protection. Even if they do, they take long enough for the funds in your account to get to the wrong hands.

Credit card providers also provide an option of using a virtual credit card number for a specified time or number of transactions. That number can not be traced back to your original card.

Create Strong and Unique Passwords

It’s a good idea to have a unique and strong password for each platform. Having the same password for multiple public platforms puts your online security at risk.

Check Your Statements Regularly

Be sure to keep an eye on your card and transaction statements and any possible suspicious transactions. Your civic and legal duty is to report any suspicious activity as soon as you notice them. This helps keep your information and funds safe as well.

Avoid Overly Attractive Offers

You are bound to come across offers or deals that might be attractive but seem too good to be true. That’s because they are. These are mostly Phishing scams to steal your information.

Always Check Seller’s Shipping Terms

The seller might have some hidden conditions in their shipping/delivery terms & conditions that you should be aware of.

Go through these T&C documents to avoid any post-purchase inconvenience. Be sure to read everything, even the fine prints, carefully.


Not all platforms you run across are safe. Not all are fraudulent either. Your online safety depends entirely on your course of action. We at shopoth.com sincerely hope these measures will help you shop safer online.

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