10 Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Infographics

From Quarterbacks to Greenbacks
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I am a fantasy football degenerate. I offer no apologies or excuses. It’s fun and I have very few hobbies, so I try to learn as much as possible about this one. The problem with learning fantasy football is the gigantic piles of information out there. Who can read all that? Not me, even with a speed reading browser app. Told you I was a degenerate fantasy player.

Fortunately there are infographics that reduce the amount of reading required to get better at fantasy play. You can get key information with these graphics that only take a minute to look over. Here are ten of those fantasy football graphics to help you get to the top of your leagues.

  1. OK this one is pretty basic, but a rookie doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Make sense? It mainly covers season long fantasy sports.
Fantasy Football
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  1. This simple graphic shows the differences in daily fantasy sports and year long leagues. It is a good bit of info to let guys and gals know the differences. I am all in on the daily variety.
Draft Team
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  1. A graphic that breaks down some interesting stats on fantasy football. It might surprise you to see what state is the most into fantasy leagues.
Fantasy Football
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  1. These are the types of infographics that can help you get a leg up in fantasy football, especially if you lack the time to do proper research. That said, last year’s stats can get turned upside down in a split second. See #1 on the chart, who has hardly played this year at all.
2013 Fantasy Football
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  1. This chart is great for anyone who wants specific details on fantasy sports. Why you would want to know the different cell phone activities of fantasy sports players versus non-players is beyond me. But if you do…..
Fantasy Sport
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  1. Think winning a fantasy league is all about the most data research? Maybe so, maybe not. Have a look at the comparisons between geeky research and the average fan picking a team.
Players Don't Win Games
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  1. This robust infographic digs deep into the economics of fantasy sports. According to one section, 73 percent of their survey participants had bought beer in the past month. Beer and fantasy football….together? Shocking I know! Also, the average fantasy sports player makes between 60K and 100K a year….at a real job, not on DraftKings.com!
From Quarterbacks to Greenbacks
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  1. Check this graphic out to get a feel for how much money the NFL generates. Without the NFL, fantasy sports would not exist. Other sports are part of the fun, but the NFL is king in reality and the world of fantasy sports.
The Business of NFL
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  1. This fantasy football infographic breaks down just how popular the hobby is and how much time is spent on it. I was amazed myself.
Fantasy Football
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  1. I am not sure which is more disturbing in this chart, the $6.5 billion lost in worker productivity per football season, or that 16 percent of men would give up sex if they could win their fantasy football league. Wow.
America's Obsession with Fantasy Football
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