Newest mobile casinos – gimmick or the best way to play online slots?

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In the past few years, mobile online casinos have become very popular. Moreover, modern gamers not only launch free slots online on a computer but also open them on smartphones. More and more gambling establishments are developing the ability to access them via phone. We can expect that soon we will completely switch to gambling in smartphones. Some of the gambling establishments switched to mobile-only!

A new round in the development of online mobile casino gambling

Today you can download slot machines to your phone very easily and simply. It is enough to enter the casino website, and then install the selected slot on your device. After that, you can literally not part with your favorite gambling games. Probably the main reason for players switching to the newest mobile online casinos is the convenience of use.

The install base of smartphone users increases gradually. For them, gambling on the phone is more convenient for several reasons:

  • You can play your favorite slots machines for free on the go
  • The slot can be launched anywhere without downloading thanks to your mobile device and Internet
  • The slot machine has all the same features and advantages as gambling in the browser version of the casino on your desktop PC

However, is everything really that good? Let us analyze the number of wins made on smartphones in comparison to online gambling on desktop PCs worldwide.

If you rely on statistics, only 18% of the funds won relate to the newest mobile casinos. At the same time, half of the access to the playgrounds is via smartphones. Thus, the efficiency of mobile gambling is lower when compared with the same through a browser on a PC. This fact is associated with the still imperfect work of mobile versions of online casinos.

Many experts believe that even if the mobile version of a slot machine is perfectly made, no more than 90% of gamers will switch to it. This is explained simply. The remaining 10% of gamers simply either do not have smartphones, or do not recognize this type of gambling, or are used to running slots in a browser.

Interestingly, professional gamblers are more likely to run slots on computers. Moreover, they get the undoubted benefits:

  • Running multiple games at the same time
  • Tracking events that directly or indirectly related to their gambling
  • Unfortunately, this cannot be done on a smartphone.

Nevertheless, even despite this, gambling on the go with the phone still gaining momentum in popularity. More and more people play free slots and games for real money on portable devices.

Analysts predict that the peak of the development of mobile casinos will come in 2022. The first country, which will switch to mobile completely, is the population of China, where almost everyone has a smartphone. Further, the popularity of mobile gambling will grow worldwide.

However, as for the present, now the mobile versions of the casino and other gambling venues are not ideal. It is still more convenient to play on a large screen of the laptop or PC.

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