How random is the random number generator in Australian pokies, lotteries, and poker online?

One of the most important indicators of honesty in an online casino is a proven and certified random number generator in Australian pokies online and other casino games. Let’s see how the random number generator works in particular games.

Let us start from the very beginning. The first Australian pokie machines were simple and easy to operate. The principle of their action was based on the mechanical interaction of shafts and gears with a drive lever and three drums. This simplicity gave rise to many lovers of cheating, who used for the advantage of the slot machine a variety of metal rods, rulers and powerful magnets.

There were also enough players who believed that a correctly calculated effort applied to the lever guarantees them a sure win. Although many of these experimenters did not even come close to success, casino owners sometimes had a lot of trouble securing their business from fraudsters, but new solutions always appeared here and there.

RNG in Australian pokie machines

The advent and ubiquity of computers have moved pokie machines into a completely new era of the online environment. Now a random number generator determined the outcome of the game embedded in the machine program (software). Although outwardly the slots may vary, in each of them the typical RNG constantly works and generates up to a thousand numbers per minute. Each time at the moment of pressing the button of rotation of the drum, you give the signal to the program, which gives you a sequence of falling out symbols and makes you a little richer or, conversely, poorer.

The RNG works continuously, so it is true that by clicking on the “Spin” button a split second later or earlier, we will get a completely different sequence of numbers in any Australian pokie online. The result produced by the generator depends on many factors, such as the temperature of the processor, micro-oscillations of the currents and even the noise level of the hard drive installed on the server. On the other hand, the software of automatic machines allows owners to configure it depending on the need. For example, a completely natural setting is the payout percentage, which is usually in the range of 92 to 98 percent.

This means that the amount that the machine will give out to players for a certain period of time will be 92-98% of the funds invested in it. This guarantees earnings for any casino. So as the end result you cannot say that RNG is really random in Australian pokies online.

RNG in online poker

Poker rooms do not develop their own RNG and use the products of third-party companies. There is a lot of debate on the Internet about how random the results of the RNG in poker are. Indeed, despite the fact that the generator itself is capable of performing only one function – to give out a random sequence of numbers, the software using it is quite easy to configure for the needs of the owner.

For well-known and large online casinos, the rating is a very important concept. Despite this, accusations of players of “tweaking” the results of the distribution of cards in poker are a common event. This phenomenon can be considered from different angles.

From a social point of view, each player can monitor the activities of any RNG in a casino by collecting data over a long period of time and analyzing it. There are countless examples of such studies made by players, but so far, there has not been a single sufficiently substantiated case of “tweaking” the results in large and popular poker rooms. However, millions of players closely monitor these studies.

From an economic point of view, the impact on the RNG results for the owners of gaming establishments do not bear a significant profit, which would cover the loss from the absence of confidence of the players in the gambling establishment itself.

The main income of poker rooms is rake. The value of income on it is so great that risking by trying to get a little extra income by tweaking the RNG is simply pointless. Of course, there is a chance to influence the result of the cards deal in poker with the help of software manipulations, but to do this quietly is extremely difficult and ultimately unprofitable for the owners since nobody will play in such a casino.

RNG for lotteries

Lottery random number generators operate in several different scenarios. A typical RNG, as described previously, produces a selection of random numbers, which are the result of any gambling software, in this case – lottery. There is also another way to generate a result using the source data in the form of winning numbers from past lottery series. This method is most loved by players, as it presents the opportunity, having analyzed the previous winning series, to deduce the chance of falling numbers for the next lottery draws.


As it becomes clear when reading this article, RNGs for different gambling entertainments differ and contain peculiar nuances inherent only to this type of gambling. If the institution respects the rules of fair play, the chances of winning are equal for all players. Although the institution itself always respects its interests, they give you a chance for luck. So good luck in gambling!

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