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How to Turn your iPhone 5 into Keyboard and Mouse temporarily using TouchMouse

If you have the option to take control of the keyboard and mouse is something that we all long for. It can be done easily enough with a Bluetooth Mouse or keyboard. It can come in handy when you have to make a big presentation on a stage in front of many people or you are lazing about on your couch catching up on some news or catching an exciting game by linking up your monitor to the television. If you are planning on doing all this then you need to factor in the comfort factor.

We all know that we can use a common keyboard for typing or  a common mouse to drive around the cursor, but can you imagine using your phone to have both typing capabilities and cursor control of the mouse? It definitely sounds like an interesting and intriguing proposition.

You would be pleased to know that this is not something you long for and not find the means to do. There is an application that can simply transform your iPhone into a keyboard or mouse that is fully functional. The application is called TouchMouse. It is a free and very handy application that can be used on iOS. This application will provide you the means to control the keyboard and use the cursor.


Transformation of the phone into keyboard and mouse: This article will take you through the process step by step, wherein you can convert your iPhone into a keyboard and mouse.

  1. Installation of TouchMouse on the Computer: The first step would be to install TouchMouse on to your computer. This application is available for both Mac and PC. You need to go to the download page and click to get started on installation
  2. Installation of TouchMouse on your iPhone: The next step would be to install TouchMouse on the iPhone, getting it from the iTunes store
  3. Connecting computer to iPhone: Now you need to connect both devices on to the same hotspot. You need to turn on iPhone’s hotspot that is built and link it up with the same hotpsot on the computer
  4. Launch the TouchMouse from the iPhone: When you have installed and then connected, you need to launch the TouchMouse application from your iPhone and your computer will become visible to be selected. Click on the computer name from the list that appears to start the process of making use of it

You iPhone is now in a position to control the keyboard and mouse on your computer. You can make use of TouchMouse to point, scroll, click and also type.

Utilizing TouchMouse: This application is very simple and has very easy functions that duplicate those on the mouse like click, scroll and point. On the click pad you will find three buttons that are to be used for right, left and center click usage.  You can also make use of the Trackpad in place of clicking on the pad. You can do the following by working the TrackPad:

  1. One tap – to get a single click
  2. Two taps  – to get a double click
  3. Tapping with two fingers at once – a right click
  4. Two fingers that move up and down – for scrolling vertically
  5. Two fingers that move from one side to another – for scrolling horizontally

To start typing you need to tap on the keyboard icon for the QWERTY keyboard to appear for you to start using it

In conclusion making use of your iPhone to do things on your computer will no doubt impress those around you and will make things easy for you when you are making a presentation.

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