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How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 Flash Counter (set to 0) using Triangle Away

In my previous article you read about how to root Samsung Galaxy S4 and how to unroot Samsung Galaxy S4 using Motochopper and today’s article you’re going to read about How To Reset Galaxy S4 Flash Counter (set to 0). But many people are not even aware of this term so before we start tutorial lets us have a look at some answer to important questions.

How To Reset Galaxy S4 Flash Counter (set to 0)

What is Flash Counter ?

The flash counter is something that Samsung put in so that it can keep track of how many ROMs were flashed on your device. Flashing stock ROMs like rooted/stock or factory ROMs do not trip the flash counter to add to the count, it increases count just in case of custom ROMs.

Why we need to Rest Flash Counter

Any Galaxy S4 owners who flash unofficial and custom ROMs on their devices lose their liability from warranty claims an in case need replacements and repairs, for such actions you will get no from Samsung. But this can be easily recovered and retained by resetting the binary flash which will exactly reset back the phone to normal status.

So as you have got answers to the question which must be answered before you start reading the guide. So without wasting no seconds lets we have look at full guide on How To Reset Galaxy S4 Flash Counter (set to 0)

Disclaimer : ”If you are unrooting your Samsung I9500 Galaxy S 4 using this guide then you are responsible for anything you do to your device. But If you follow this guide properly you will be on the safe side You can read about Rooting

Note: As Galaxy S4 is new devices, the “system modified” status can only be reset on some firmwares – they must be stock firmwares!

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1. First thing you need to do is download and install Triangle Away for free from XDA. (You can also download this software from Google Play store but it will cost around $2.503 )

TriangleAway is an amazing tool was built by XDA Senior moderator Chainfire to disable the triangle (if a visual warning is present) and reset the custom ROM flash counter to 0. You can also find out the current status of your flash counter and firmware state (custom or official) by booting into “download mode” on most devices. But this app requires root !

2. After that launch the Triangle Away. When you open this application it require some data which need to b downloaded into your S4. So, simplye enalbe your Wifi connection and then click download to make it quick.

3. One the download is completed, click Reset flash counter.

4. Now your phones will boot into Reset flash counter i.e “Warning Menu.”

5. After that you need to press volume out button to start reset S3 flash counter.

6. One the process is completed your device will reboot once will take around 5 seconds.

7. Now go to download mode again and I’m sure that your device must be showing below details

Odin Mode

Product Name: GT-i9500

Custom Binary Download: None

Current Binary: Samsung Official

So this is how you can reset your Samsung Galaxy S4, but using this apps doesn’t mean that your device is already unmodified, you also make sure that your device runs with official firmware provided by Samsung.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. If triangle away show negative counter

If you have a very large flash count like (over 127) then this is expected to be happen. So make sure to confirm by visiting download mode that you actually have that large a flash count before resetting the counter.

2. I‘m Getting no bootscreen Or Getting error message on screen?

If you getting above problem try flashing the attached “param.tar” as PDA in ODIN (no repartition!), that may clear up the issue. (Not Confirmed)

3. My counter always stays at 1

Some devices/bootloaders set the counter to 1 at every boot if you are running a custom kernel or recovery. On these devices, Triangle Away may always display 1 – make sure to check the counter in actual download mode, and make sure you are running a stock Samsung kernel and recovery.

List of Samsung Galaxy S4 supported by Triangle Away

Samsung Galaxy S4 International GT-I9505 **

Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T SGH-I337

Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-I545

Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile SGH-M919

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint SPH-L720

Samsung Galaxy S4 US Cellular SCH-R970

Samsung Galaxy S4 Canada SGH-I337M

For more information and your queries related to Triangle Away and Flash Counter Reset or if you device name in not listed above you can visit original thread created by Chainfire for your queires

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