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How to Remove Sponsored Ads in uTorrent

remove utorrent ads

If you’re uTorrent user and looking for a way to get rid of annoying ads, then this article is specially dedicated to you.

uTorrent is one of the popular P2P clients which is used by people to download torrent files and has everything which a good torrent application must have. But one thing which every torrent user hates about this application is those annoying ads which comes as an unwanted addition because it’s a freeware program. But before you start reading the guide, why don’t you read about uTorrent.

And almost every uTorrent user wants to remove these ads. But thanks to BitTorrent Inc. Who has made it very  easy to turn off ads. And in this article I intend to cover little tutorial on “How to Remove Ads in uTorrent.”

As it’s clearly seen below in a 2 snapshot yellow bar that sits on top of the torrent file. This area is used by advertisers to reach uTorrent’s worldwide active user base of 125 million.

1. Open Advance Setting

uTorrent Offer

For open advance setting, you need to go to options > Preferences. Then select Advanced.

2. Filter the Advance Options

uTorrent Preferences

Now you need to type “offer” in filter box provided.

3. Change the Value

uTorrent value

Now you will get four names with its value. You need to click on left_rail_offer_enabled and offers.sponsered _torrent_offer..option and choose false and then click ok.

4. Remove Squre Ads

Squre Ads uTorrent

To remove this ad you need to type upsell and now you need to click on gui.show_plus_upshell and choose false and click ok just like you did in above step.

And that it from now onward you will not see any ads on uTorrent. So give a try to this tutorial and let us know whether this tutorial really helped you or not.

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