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22 Best Free Productivity iPhone Apps of 2013

If you’re the proud owner of the iPhone and looking for some best Productivity iPhone Apps, then you must check this article. Because keeping this question in mind we cover this opinion piece especially for you.

We have always resolved that we will make improvements in our life to ensure that there is a balance. This happens every time it is the New year or when it is your birthday. But the fact is we often miss out on these resolutions because we ignore one important factor – Improving productivity with optimum utilization of time to do our work.


Also, below productivity apps when used a right time ensure that not a single valuable thought of yours is wasted. You will find that not only are you able to control the time spent on each task but also have some spare time for personal matters. Management of time, better communication, tracking of expenses, easy access to information when needed and quick planning are just some of the benefits you get from these applications that are specifically formulated to ensure that your productivity is enhanced.

Here are some of the best  iPhone Apps that can be very useful to improve productivity. So without further ado, let us have a look at first app i.e.

1. Dragon Dictation

This one lets you transcribe mails, notes, short messages, status on social media networks and other reminders. This way you can carry on with your work while these are being taken care off.

2. Wunderlist

This application ensures that the list of things to do that you have online and the one on your desktop are synchronized.

3. Buffer

With this app you can share any link, text, picture or video to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and account, all from one place and at optimal times.

4. Mozy

You can access all Mozy files that are backed up in a safe and secure manner using your iPhone itself. Also with this app you can read documents, browse photographs, play music, and even share your files anywhere, anytime.

5. Dropbox

One of the best cloud service options for your iPhone using which you can keep all your docs, photos, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Also you can access the file saved on Dropbox from any system.

6. ScatterBrain

Scribble notes on what to do and also reminding yourself on thing that you need to do. You can also have an optional account to backup so that your thoughts are synchronized.

7. Evernote

Yet another way of keeping track of your thoughts that will synchronize with the desktop ensuring that there is no missing of tasks or repeats of tasks

8. Remember The Milk

You can keep your list of things to do with you when you are out and about. This way you can touch base with what needs to be done as compared to what you have already done and use your time accordingly

9. Weave

This is an application that will let you manage the projects that you have to organize keep tabs on the things to be done, track expenses that you have made on a particular task

10. SugarSync

With SugarSync you can access, sync, and share your documents, photos, videos, music, and more from any computer or mobile device. This works in a manner similar to that of Dropbox but is even more effective

11. Simplenote

Using this app you can keep notes, lists, ideas and more. Also you can keep all your notes stay in sync with all your devices for free. This will enable you to write and make changes in notes and is synchronized with Dropbox automatically

12. Springpad

Whenever you have a great idea you can simply note it and can be retrieved for later use with ease. With this app you can save ideas, notes, checklists, project tasks, photos, products, movies and more.

13. CamScanner

If you’re looking for way to that helps you to use your iPhone as Scanner, then CamScanner is what you are looking for. With this productivity app you can convert your iPhone into a simple and effective scanner for essential documents.

14. Mailbox

Mailbox lets you keep all your mobile Inbox emails in its place. With this app you can quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash. Also scan an entire conversation at once with cat-like organization.

15. Slice

If you shop online a lot? Then Slice is one of the best iPhone apps for online shoppers. Using this app you can keep track of parcels and keep a track on what you are purchasing.

16. Any.Do

If you’re looking for an app that help you with what to do and also make sure to get it done, then try Any.Do. Using this app makes Seamless cloud sync, Speech recognition, Time & Location Reminders, Any.DO Moment, Folders, Notes, Repeating Tasks, Calendar view, Gesture support & more.

17. 1Password

This application helps you remember every password for you and keep them secured behind a master password. All you need to do is remember a single master password and 1Password will remember other for you.

18. Temp Smart Calendar

As it’s clear from a name that is a smart calendar app for iPhone that intelligently finds and neatly organizes everything you need for each meeting, including contacts, locations, and related emails and documents.

19. Mint

With this app you can track all  your track, budget and manage all your money in one place, so that you can see where you’re spending and where you can save.

20. Sleep Cycle Alarm

Looking for an alarm clock, must try Sleep Cycle Alarm. This application analyzes your sleep and waked you in the lighter sleep phase. The best and natural way to wake up in the morning feeling relaxed and rested.

21. Habit List

This application lets you create good habit and break the bad and unhealthy ones. With Habit list you can stay on track, keep your to-do list uncluttered, and see big changes through little steps.

22. Google Search

Official Google Search app for iPhone which makes search faster and easier. Get the right information at the right time with Google Now. You can also make your search easier with enhanced Voice Search.

Go through the list to pick the ones that will work well for you and the ones that you are comfortable working with. This way missed appointments, missing due dates or missed payments will be a thing of the past.

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