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7 Popular Applications For Nokia N series Smartphones

Here are some great applications for Nokia N series Smartphones. Symbian/Windows. You can use this judiciously to customize your phone and increase the usability and efficiency of the phone. This is not an exhaustive list but will give you an idea about the possibilities that exist for your phone. You can go through this list to have a peek at what are the possibilities that exist.

1. AfterCall for Series 60 v3 


This one will carry out some actions as soon as a call ends or when you try to call. You can get information like the calendar, message and contacts once the call is done

2. Expenses v.4.0 released 15.05.2012


This one will help you keep track of the expenditure you make so that you can keep tabs on your budget. This way you will know when you are spending more than your pre-decided budget and efficiently manage things.
CallGuard is an application for blacklisting and whitelisting numbers on your phone to make sure that the right ones are accepted and the wrong ones rejected. You can even do this as per a schedule. That is certain calls can be avoided only for a specific time period. This way you can efficiently manage your day without the interruption of unwanted calls.
BT Guard is an application that will switch off your Bluetooth automatically and protects your phone against unnecessary requests to connect with Bluetooth.

3. GPS action


This application will make your phone even smarter than it is by doing certain things based on where you are located in terms of geography. You can always be prepared.

AutoProfiles will schedule change in profile automatically and also enable change in the status of Bluetooth. Your profile can pre-timed to change as per your plans for a day and Bluetooth can also be enabled or disabled as per your requirements.
Now you can create amusing cards for any festive occasion like Christmas using the fun application and send it through MMS as a greeting to family, friends and near ones. Each occasion becomes more delightful with this easy and fun application.

4. Phone Wallet v. 3.7


Will help you handle all data that is supposed to be kept confidential like passwords, credit card information, sensitive information in general in a very secure and safe manner. Now you can be sure that all your security and secret information remains that way with the help of this application.
If you are rather bored with the theme on your phone or feel tired of thinking up ways to spruce up the interface on your phone to make it easier to use them, Autothemes is right for you. It changes themes on your phone as a matter of course without you needing to do anything extra. Plus you can have two ways of working things – either time based or based on the profile

5. Call Recorder


This application will record and saves your incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls. It can be customized as per the conditions that you impose, which means calls will be recorded automatically for certain numbers and as per directions.

6. Phone Guardian software for Symbian


It’s great for protecting your phone in case it has been stolen, making it impossible for the phone to be tampered with or used.

7. SMS Alert


You can assign varying tones for alerts on SMSs received from a particular contact or even a group of contacts. Even without going through the SMS you will have a sense of who it is from which can make things easier for you.

Give a try to above mentioned application for Nokia N Series Smartphone and don’t forget to share the best name with us. Also you can share name of the application which you think deserve their name in the list but not mentioned by us.

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