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10 Best Free Nokia 5800 Applications For 2013

Nokia is among the most trusted brands for mobiles offering a sizable range of phones for all types of users suited for every budget. The one that has been launched recently is Nokia 5800. It has a Symbian operating system v9.4 based cell phone having touchscreen that is TFT resistive. It has full loaded features and works with 3G as well as Wi-Fi connections. It also has an astounding feature called TV out making it a class apart from other offerings from the company. Given here are some of the best applications that cover a lot of uses including Business, entertainment, social networking and security as well as having some features that are useful for students. Here are some Best Free Nokia 5800 Applications for 2013.

1. Nimbuzz


This application works for making calls free and even sending/receiving messages using all sorts of social media. This includes using Windows Live/MSN,Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, Hyves, MySpace and SIP based accounts simultaneously. You can also rearrange the list of contacts and lists as per your choice. The latest version also has Recent Calls Tab, New Chat Style and real time call rates for calls made abroad.

2. MazeLock


This a great security application and will prevent others from getting to your phone. You need to install this application and learn the pattern for unlocking. This really radical way of unlocking your touch screen by setting it in a pattern among the nine white dots to connect with each other. You can lock and unlock the phone by drawing the same pattern.

3. Moneycontrol-Markets on Mobile


If you are concerned about the investments you have made in the market then application will come in handy. It is powered by which is leading business and finance portal that many trust. You will be able to get real time rates on Global and Indian market indices. This will enable you to track and manage your portfolio using all the information on this application.

4. AroundMe


If you are new to an area and want to find things like gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, banks and other services locally then this application will really make it easy for you. It will tell you about these services and also provide you directions, maps, routes etc to reach the place you want to go to.

5. Mundu TV


This is like having a TV in your mobile. Complete with a rich television viewing feel it also has subscription with no-limits usage and network independence. As long as you have access to internet you need never miss your favorite channel.

6. Kaspersky Mobile Security


This one protects your phone even if you lose or it gets stolen. You need not be too concerned in such cases as you can find it with Anti-Theft Locate. The GPS will trace out the missing device. This application will also help you hide communications and contacts you do not want others to see.

7. Opera Mobile Web Browser


Opera Mobile Web Browser happens to one of the most sought after browser even generally speaking on all platforms. This is because it is quick, easy and enables surfing on the web in a mobile device a great experience. The latest version has got an even better interface and is pleasing to the eye. It can really work well when your mobile has a wireless broadband connection or WiFi.

8. WRT Widget


You can get complete information on weather conditions on several aspects for the coming hours and days.

9. Dictionary & Translation Pro


An easy application that takes care of thesaurus, translation and dictation in one place. It offers many languages too.

10. Wikipedia Reader


An application that allows you to read about almost all subjects and is sized in a way that works on a smaller screen. Can be very handy for students and researchers.

So try these apps on your Nokia 5800 and let us know which one you already using on your device. You can also share with us name of apps which is not mentioned in the list and are useful.

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