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Tox- A New Secure Alternative to Skype for Making Free Video Calls

If you want to get rid of Skype because of rise of widespread government monitoring programs or it’s not your cup of tea anymore and now you’re looking for something new and secure alternatives to Skype, then today we have something special for you.

I’m glad to share with you that new and secure alternative to Skype i.e Tox is coming soon. While browsing over the web I found a thread about something called Tox. And after digging into the topic I found that some developers from reddit and 4chan have set their goal to build a P2P alternative for Skype with IM, Audio call, Video calls, and file transfers.

And in this article I’m going to share with you about everything you need to know about Tox. So lets we start with:

What is Tox?

Tox is a one of the best and secure alternative to Skype which allows you to connect with friends and loved ones without anyone else listening in. Its an easy to use application allows you instant encrypted messaging, make free and secure calls, secure video calls without paying a single penny.

This freeware application is developed with an idea to provide you an amazing chating experience with your friends, family and loved one without violating your privacy. You can unlock other big name services just by paying genuine money.

Below is a Graphical User Interface of Tox and I must say its pretty simple and sweet:

Tox- New Skype Alternative

Features you’re going get with Tox

1. Messages

Provides you instant encrypted messaging at your fingertips.

2. Calls

Stay in touch with your loved ones by making free and secure Tox to Tox calls.

3. Video

You can make go face to face with a secure video call.

4. Privacy 

Takes your privacy seriously, with leading-class encryption.

5. Easy to use

Does not require you to be a computer programmer to use it.

6. Freedom

You are completely free to both use and modify

7. Ads Free

Tox will never harass you with ads, or require you to pay for features.

So these are some of the best features of tax which you’re going to get free of cost. Also, team working behind this amazing project is explained the Aim of building this application i.e.

The goal of this project is to create a configuration free P2P Skype replacement that means users will easily able to enter this application and add users to their friend list to whom they want to chat and start conversing with them. The application is also aiming to replace all the features of Skype which is very hard to use for simple user.

This application is currently under development but soon it will be released by developers and I’m sure application going to an ultra secure form of communication and pronounced as the best alternative of Skype.

So if you want to be the first one to try this application, you can download Tox from its official website. Also you can help developers in developing this amazing application. You can join the team and help in building TOX on GitHub.

In the eng I want to say that, I’m not promoting this application, I just tried to share with you an amazing alternative to Skype which you might love to you if you really concerned about your privacy. So whenever you try this application, tell us what you really liked about Tox.

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