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8 Free Light and Powerful Virus Protections for Windows

Best Antivirus

When it comes to anti-virus protection programs there are plenty of choices. But most of them while very robust and effective do have the downside of making your computer very slow. What you need is a lightweight version that is very effective but occupies less space on the system and does not slow it down in any way.

You may think that such a virus protection may not be possible. But here we have a list of some free light and powerful virus protections that are not the full fledged versions, which means they do not need that much space and memory. Which in turn can mean that they will not affect the way your computer works. Or you could skip the list and just check out the best free antivirus software.

1. Zenok


This one is free and provides all features but is quite light without compromising the security. It will scan files in real time and provides online protection, has anti-spyware, anti online banking Trojan features, anti adware and the best part is it uses only a miniscule portion of your system’s resources. The application has a lovely interface and is great for protecting your system.

2. ESET Smart Security


Is quite a hassle free solution for Internet. It has antispyware, antivirus, antirootkit and also has antispam capacity. It utilizes cloud power that means the virus signature files are not stored on the computer but the cloud. It has multi level detection that helps ward off threats and keep out any potential weakness while you go about working, socialize, play or even exchange information using removable devices

3. DigitalDefender


Very simple to use, speedy, and lightweight. This one offers real time protection while ensuring that the antivirus program does not slow down your system.  The free version is easy to use and is free for home usage.

4. Microsoft Security Essentials


This is anti virus program especially for users of Windows Vista 7 and protects their computers and laptops against all harm from harmful software, spyware and viruses. It offers immediate protection and also updates automatically and scans features.

5.  Avira Free Antivirus


This one will provide basic protection while ensuring that the system resource in your computer is not eaten up. It gets rid of virus, malware, rootkits, Trojans etc.

6. Zillya Free version


Is quite light weight and also provides real time protection by scanning mails and files. It also defends the system users against harmful websites by not letting them go there. It is very easy to uses. It basically uses Unique Heuristic Algorithms which in effect traces the behavior of malware patterns to even look for and find unknown malware and protects against these too.

7. ClamWin


Is a free and open source antivirus and security program that can be used on Windows. It is easy to install. The only drawback of this program is that it does not scan files as a matter of course. This means you have to do this manually every time. Otherwise very effective it offers very high rages of detection for spyware and viruses.

8. Immunet


This one is powered by cloud and is a free community driven application for antivirus. It is powered by an open source ClamAV engine. This has been formulated to detect malware, Trojans, viruses and other dangerous threats. It is very small and tends to occupy less space in the disc. It is fast and  provides up to date protection against myriads of new threats regularly. Since it is community driven, it essentially means that once a virus is discovered and taken care of for one user, it automatically means all the other Immunet users get the same amount of protection at once.

So give a try to these antivirus and let us know via comment section which one you liked the most. Also you can share the names of antivirus which deserve their name in this list and I forget to add the name.

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