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Increase Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy Ace [Create SD Partition]

How to Increase Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy Ace by Creating Partition in SD Card

If you are not able to play some new games on android device due to less Internal Memory, then I’m sure you will love to read this article, because in this article I’m going share with your answer to some common question which is asked by almost every android users i.e.

  • How to Increase Internal Memory of Android Smartphone
  • Increase Internal Memory of Android Mobile by Partitioning SD Card
  • How to Move Android Apps to External Memory Or SD Card

And related. But before I start answering this question, lets we have little about why we want to partition SD Card to increase internal memory? Or Why we need force a move of android apps to SD card?

If we talk about Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Y, these both device has very less internal memory around 180 to 187 MB. Now some part is internal memory is used by system file and the rest is used by some necessary app like Facebook, Google Maps and related. After all these we left with internal memory around 40-50 MB which is very less to install some good Android apps and android games on SD Card. But not to worry because after reading this article you will be able to install more apps on your Android Smartphone without having any problem of internal memory. Not only this you will also be able to play HD games on your Android mobile which you were not able to play because of low internal memory left on your device.

So guys, lets us starts with our tutorial about How to increase the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy Ace device just by creating partitions on SD Cards.

The requirement to complete this process

  • SD Card, I recommend to use 4 GB or higher SD card that will give speed to your device.
  • Rooted Smartphone (If the device has not rooted it first) Root Galaxy Ace
  • PC running Windows
  • Internet Connection to download some required files
  • LINK2SD app
  • Recovery clockworkmod 5.0.xx

Warning: Before you start this process, make sure to create a backup of your content on the SD Card to a safe location. The SD Card will be formatted during the process. I’m not responsible for any damage to your device and SD Card if you skip any of this step and lose your data. Try this at your own risk.

Personal Opinion: This tweak work for almost every Android Smartphone, So you can try this on every android mobile as I already tried this on Galaxy Ace and Galaxy y.

So what are you waiting for guys, lets start with

1. To start off we need two side files which need to be in your SD Card. Those files are listed below with download link, just click on them to download

  • Link2SD android app– Link2SD is an application that makes it easier for Android 1.6+ users with root privileges on their phone to move applications to the SD card.
  • Clockworkmod Recovery Software for unlocking the potential of your phone, one app at a time

Note: If you installed Cynogenmode version 7.0.xx on your Android Smartphone then you don’t need to download this Clockworkmod Recovery because your device already has this in ROM Manger. Also make sure that you have superusers privilege before starting off with 2nd step.

To Check whether your android phone has Superusers Privilege on not, simply check for a logo which likes image shown below


2.  After downloading these files, just transfer files from your PC to SC Card by establishing connection between PC and SD Card USB tethering.

Note: Before moving to 3rd step make sure to activate the option called “Install from Unknown Source”. You can activate this by going to setting > application and then check Unknown Source.

3.  Now install Link2SD app which you keep in your SD Card. After doing this you have link2sd in your SD Card.

4.  After that your phone should be installed with Clockwordmod Recovery for that you need to go to Recovery Mode. To make that thing happen simply switch off your mobile device. After switching it off, Hold the Volume up key + Home key (middle one) + Power key while switching on your phone.

5. In recovery mode, you should choose “apply updates from SD Card”. Now search for the Clockworkmod Recovery file which you kept in SD Card in step one. You can use volume up down keys to move up and down in recovery mode. Just click on that and wait for few second, till you get the message saying “Done” and then reboot your device.

6. So your device has installed clockwork recovery mode installed on your device. Now switch it off again to run recovery mode with Clockwork Recovery. To make that thing happen again follow the same procedure, which you followed in step 4 to run your device in Clockwork Based Recovery.

7. Now in Clockwork Based Recovery you will get 5-6 options, scroll down to “advanced” button using volume up down button on the left side of your device. After that scroll down to “Partition SD Card” and then choose the choose desired external memory size from any of these, it will give you option depending on your SD card. I have installed 4GB SD Card so it’s better to choose “2048 M “option. You can also use 4096 M if your SD Card size is more than 4Gb.

8. After choosing an external memory size, you get option named as Swap Size, it’s better to select 0 swap size, and after that you will get message that “ CM Recovery Partitioning your SD Card Please Wait”. It will take few min, once the partitioning is done. You will get the message that “Partitioning is done” and click on the option top saying “Reboot, Recovery” and wait for few second till you device reboot and get you option “Reboot System Now”

9. Once your device reboot checks for the app LINK2SD which you already installed on your Smartphone and open it. Now you will get the option under “select file system of SD Card Second Partition”. Tick on ext3 option and click OK and then “allow” Superuser request and done.

Note: You can also select an ext2 option if you are getting “mount script error” when selecting ext3. In my case ext3 works, but you can also go with ext2 if ext3 not working.

10. After this click on LINK2SD and tap to check storage info, here you will notice three storage drive,

  • Internal Storage
  • SD Card
  • SD Card Second Partition- This one you are going to use as extra internal memory

Till wow you have successfully partition your SD Card and check whether this works or not, let me show you how you can force small part of the system file to external memory by creating partitions. Check it out below

11. Open LINK2SD, here you will see the name of all applications which are installed in your mobile, tap on any game or application which you have already installed on your device. Let tap on Droidfish Chess, you will get a menu, here click on “create link” and Ok and wait till you get confirmation. Now using this app a single MB of this game which was in device internal memory will force to move into External Memory. You can move it back to internal memory by clicking on Remove link and it will move all files back to internal memory.

Increase Internal memory using Link2sd

Note: You can check the size storage change by creating and deleting link in APP2SD

This is one of the best and proved way to move all your apps and games to an SD Card, I hope this tutorial helps you, so give a try to this method and share your opinion with us,

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