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How to Create and Run Polls on Google Plus

Facebook, the number one social networking site offers a useful question feature using which you can conduct polls and your friend can participate in poll to share their opinion about the question right inside Facebook Newsfeed. Check Example

On the hand, Google Plus the leading Social networking side, giving neck to neck fight to Facebook, doesn’t include support for this poll features. Lots of Google Plus users have requested the ability to create polls on Google Plus. But still there is no official release of this feature by Google Plus developers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a poll like functionality. But a little work around will surely help you to convert your regular Google Plus status as a Poll.

Here in this article I intend to share with you a step to step guide about “How to Create and Run Polls on Google Plus.” You can check the below snapshot to have a clear idea about the concept.

How to use your Post on Google Plus as a Poll

1. First of all, put your question in a share box of Google Plus with the instruction. And set the visibility of your status update as “public” or limit it to one more circle depending upon you.

2. Now offer each option of the poll as a separate comment under the same status update which you want as a poll. But make sure to do it as quick as possible, as your status has already published and live.

3. Once you’re done with the all the choices, disable comments for that post. It’s mandatory to disable the comments if not, other people will add their choices and it will not longer looks like the Poll and become difficult to analyze this as a thread.

So this is how you can use your Post on Google Plus, as a Poll, as it’s not a true polling tool and technically pronounced as a multiple-choice poll, because we can’t be able to stop from voting one more than one choice. But its an amazing unofficial poll, which might be used by users, if Google Plus also offer a more formal tool.

So try this amazing tweak to make a Poll on Google Plus and share your opinion about this tweak, whether you like or not.

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