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How to Use Missing Personal Hotspot Feature on iPhone 5 & iOS 6

iOS 6 is latest version of operating system from Apple which was recently released by the company. This release assures faster access to more than 200 features and bit changes to turn on the inbuilt feature. And in today article I’m going share with you a common question which is developed due to this update i.e. How to Use Personal Hotspot on devices with iOS 6 and on iPhone 5? Its a Personal Hotspot shortcut on the main menu screen using which  a person can turn on hotspot without going into menus.


Basically a personal hotspot is kind of tweak using which you can turn your iPhone into an amazing Wi-Fi router using which users can connect their devices (which support Wi-Fi) to the internet through their iPhone 5. Using this you can connect gadgets like portable gaming consoles, tablet, laptops and more devices which support Wi-Fi feature.

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But before we start this tutorial, you should keep something in which are listed below

  • If your computer can’t see the iPhone as Hotspot, then its better to connect through USB cable. But if this also fails, then try turning the laptop’s Wi-Fi ON/OFF so that you find a hotspot.
  • This tweak will work only with plans which support a personal hotspot, like mobile share plan on AT&T and  share everything plan on Verizon.

So lets start with our tutorial on How to turn on the Hotspot feature on iPhone 5

1. The first thing you need to do is tap on Setting.

2. After that, tap on General.


3. Now tap on Cellular.


4. And then, tap on Personal Hotspot.

How-to-use-personal-hotspot-in-iOS-iPhone-5 hotspot

5. After that click on Toggle to the On position.

6. Also, users can tap on the Password Field to change the password and type the new password and you are done.

Some additional information about Personal Hotspot feature in iOS 6

  • This feature also shares the connection over USB or Bluetooth. Some computer and laptop may ask for driver installation and setup option to make this work.
  • Once you use this feature on your iPhone 5, the iPhone will place a shortcut to the Personal Hotspot on the general settings screen, right below the Bluetooth setting. It’s a quick shortcut to access Personal Hotspot setting.
  • iPhone 5 include 4G LTE connectivity which means 10 times faster internet speed than 3G and many home connections. Now this makes your tethering more attractive and more.

So here our tutorial about using hotspot feature on a device with iOS 6 finished. If you are iPhone 5 or any device with iOS 6 then give a try to this feature. Also, if you face any difficulty using this feature, shoot me a message in the comment section.

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