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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Nokia Lumia 920

If you have recently bought a new Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 Smartphone. And this is your first experience on Lumia series Smartphone and due to which you are not able to transfer your contacts from previous cell phone. Then this article is surely your cup of tea, and if your previously use mobile that whose OS is Android OS, then you have hit the jackpot. Because below I’m going to share with you the way using which you can Transfer Contacts from Android to Nokia Lumia 920.

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We all know that Nokia Unveils Latest Windows Phone 8 Devices and Lumia 920 is generating lots of heat in comparison to Windows Phone 8X by HTC. While I was checking more about this device over the web I found a common question which flooded all forum i.e. How to Transfer Contacts from device with Android OS to Nokia Lumia 920 or other device of the same series. And to answer this question I decided to publish this article. So what are you waiting for guys, lets us starts we start reading the tutorial


Only requirement which is needed for transferring contacts from Android Mobile to Nokia Lumia devices is Transfer my Data app which is preinstalled on your device. But if due to some reason it’s not, Simply Update or Install this app on your Lumia device.


1. The first thing you need to do in your Lumia 920 is, go to the Store.

2. After that in screen click on Nokia Collection and select Transfer my data app.

Note: If you got this app preinstalled in your Nokia Lumia 920, then you will get install button on the app. And if not, then you will get updates option on app screen.

3. Now in your Android device, go to settings and then tap on Bluetooth to turn it on .

4. Similarly, in your Nokia Windows phone, go to setting option, then tap on contact transfer, and then continue.

5. Next, you will see the Bluetooth screen, slide the button to the right to turn it on.

6. As Bluetooth of both devices is activated, complete the pairing process.

7. After that, your Lumia 920 will start discovering the amount of contacts which can be transferred. Simple taps on start option to start copying.

8. Now on your Android Smartphone, you will get pop up windows asking “Allow Windows Phone to access” prompt. Tap OK.

9. When you click on OK, Your Windows 8 Mobile will prompt with a message that “xx number of contacts found of paired device you want to copy”. Click on Continue.

10. Now this will start your copying process. After that process is completed, go to the People app to see the list of contacts

So you’re done with this tutorial, Should I forget to tell you that with this transfer you also going to get two bonus which are

1. If you sign in your Lumia device with Microsoft’s account, then all these copied contact automatically synced to Hotmail and

2. Contacts from whatsapp and other related app will also copy over to your Nokia Lumia 920.

So in the I end I made a conclusion then this is an amazing way to to copy contacts from your android devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Galaxy Nexus to Lumia devices like Lumia 820, Lumia 920 and other devices. So give a try to this tutorial and share your feedback with us.

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