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Easily Verify Site & Manage Adsense Ads Using Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress

If you’re a WordPress user and looking for an easy way to add Adsense Ads to their WordPress site without editing or modifying template. Or wondering to buy Google Adsense for Responsive Design plugin so that you can implement Responsive ads on your site? Then we recommend you must check this article before doing anything.

Whenever someone starts blogging to make money using Adsense, one of the most important questions which strikes his/her mind is what is the best place to put ads? What is the easiest way to add ads on the site? And How to make this happen there are lots of plugin available which you can use and the hardest part is to choose the best one. But no need to worry any more!

I feel glad to share with you that Google has released their official WordPress plugin i.e. Google Publisher Plugin. To help all WordPress webmasters with two Google services i.e. Google Adsesne and Google Webmaster Tool.  And below I’m going to share with you how you can configure and use this plugin on your site.

What is Google Publisher Plugin

The Google Publisher Plugin enables you to easily use Google’s products – including Adsense and Webmaster Tools with your WordPress site. Allow you to easily add Adsense ads to your site to make money from advertising and verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.

How to Setup Google Publisher Plugin on Your Website

1. First of all download Google Publisher Plugin.

2. After that login to WordPress dashboard and install this plugin.

3. Once you are done with the installation process, you need to activate it.

4. Now go to Setting and navigate to the Google Publisher Plugin option and click on it.

5. Now to get started you need to sign into your Google Account using the email address which you use for your Google Products and if you don’t have a Google Account, click the create one now link to create one.

Google Publisher Plugin

6. You also need to have verified the site under Google Webmaster Tool to use this plugin and If you’ve already verified your site using Webmaster Tools, use the Google Account that you used to verify the site. This helps to maintain the security of the plugin and your site.

Google Publisher Plugin Verification

7. If you’ve already verified your site with Webmaster this verification will simply confirm that you’re setting up the plugin with the correct domain.

8. If the domain is correct, verify your site by clicking the Verify button. Verification may take several seconds to complete. If the verification succeeds, you’ll be taken back to WordPress.

Google Publisher Plugin ID Page

Note: If you fail to verify your site, this might be happening due to WordPress cache plugin, some temporary error  and might be  WordPress configuration does not permit the operations necessary to verify your site.

The setup is now complete.

How to Manage Adsesne Ads Using Google Publisher Plugin

1. Once the setup is completed, you need to click on Manage Ads and this plugin will analyze your website on the basis of that it will suggest you ad tags.

Analyize your site

As I’m already running Adsesne ad tags on my site this tool suggested me to remove it.

2. Now it will suggest you some ad tags in the form of red pinpoints.

Ads Suggestion

What really amazed me is that you don’t need to edit and modify your template. All you need to do is click on the red pin-point and it will add ads to your site. Isn’t it so simple?

3. When you’ve finally decided which ad tag you’re going to use click on the pin-point and click on Save & Activate option. You can also preview ads before making final adjustments.

Save and Activate Ads

As my snapshot showing the front page of my site, but you can also check ad tags on different pages by using the dropdown menu on the top left side.

Note: You can also change the Ad format and type just by making a click on the gear icon present on the left side of an Advertisement. It will show you different option like show in below snapshot of my site

Ad format and Ad Type

Features Presents and Missing in Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress

  • You place Ads Tag on your site without editing any HTML or  modifying your template.
  • The plugin is in beta, but we can expect some cool features in upcoming updates. Specially running responisve Ads via this plugin.
  • Allow you to place ads in custom Adsense Size.
  • Allow you to verify your site with built-in webmaster tool option.
  • You can’t  place link unit and search box using this plugin.
  • Help you in Adsesne Ads optimization.

Future of this Plugin

As this plugin name is Google Publisher Plugin and not a Google Adsesne Plugin, so we can expect more feature for Google Products like Google Webmaster Tool and more.

In the end, I want  to say that this is an amazing plugin which will definitely help those users who’re new to blogging and who don’t have much knowledge of coding. So give try to this amazing plugin and let us know what you really liked about this plugin. You can also tell us what WordPress plugin you’re using at the moment.

Feature Image Credit: The Next Web

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