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iPhone 5 leather cases

The place where you go to stir the logical centers of your mind has also become the place to go to get the latest tech accessories that are available right now! Nerd’s Magazine is proud to announce that we will be starting our own online e-commerce platform that will feature some of today’s best products. We’ll be focusing on smartphone accessories at first, but whenever there’s a great opportunity to provide you with a great product, we’re going to find a way to get it to you for a fair, competitive price.

Are you ready to see a brief sampling of what Nerd’s Magazine will be offering? Check out the merch below!


An Effective iPhone 5/5S Hard PC Case

Motomo iphone 5 gold case

We really love this aluminum iPhone 5 case because it provides a simple, yet stylish way to protect your smartphone for an incredible price. Coming in 6 different colors and incredibly easy to install, this case is 100% suitable to meet your needs. It provides a luxury experience that doesn’t come with a luxury price tag.

  • Delicate and precious fitting to iPhone 5 and 5s models
  • Protective light weight Polycarbonate hard case for full protection of your iPhone 5/5S
  • Easy access to all control buttons, ports and camera with the case on


iPhone 5 USB Flexible Power/Data Cable

iPhone 5/5S CablesAre you looking for an easy way to charge your iPhone 5? Do you need to regularly transfer data from your iPhone to your laptop, PC, or MacBook Pro? You could invest a small fortune getting an Apple product to do this work for you… or you could make a small investment into this high quality iPhone 5 USB data cable. It’s about 5 feet long, which is the perfect length for a computer hookup, and then connects your phone through any standard USB port.

Unlike other USB cords for the iPhone 5, this data cable is soft and flexible, letting you be able to have a flexible user experience. All of the electric conductors in this cable are 100% tinned copper for added durability so that you receive a product that will do exactly what it say it does when you need it to work. Why spend more when you can get more with the iPhone 5 USB data cable today?


Cases For Samsung Galaxy S5 That Actually Fit!

S5 red rubber caseNot every nerd is an iPhone user. We recognize that here and are bringing a Samsung Galaxy phone case to our store as well. We’ve chosen this particular case because it is incredibly easy to maintain and installs in just a snap. There are 6 colors from which to choose and the case is guaranteed to protect your Galaxy from dirt, dust, and debris. The surface is also rubberized to provide a better grip so you don’t accidentally drop your phone with the new case and bust out your large phone screen.

  • Specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600
  • Protects your phone from scratches, scuffs and general wear & tear
  • Easy access to buttons, charger/data cable ports, earbud jacks and camera/flash
  • Snap-on case, simple and flexible installation


Earbuds with Mic You’ll Actually Want to Use!

stereo headphoneDo you get tired of the worthless earbuds that come with today’s smartphones? Do you want something that is super comfortable to wear when listening to your favorite tunes while walking between classes or doing paperwork at your desk? Then these are the earbuds you’ll want. They work with the Samsung Galaxy series and any other PC or electronic device that offers a 3.5mm audio jack. Trust us – these are incredibly comfortable! They also provide noise canceling features and are waterproof as an added bonus.


An iPhone 5/5s Stand That Doubles as a Wallet

iPhone 5 leather casesIt’s nice to watch your iTunes downloads on your iPhone, but it gets annoying having to hold it all of the time, right? That’s why you’re going to want this iPhone case. Not only does it double as a stand, but it offers internal card slots so you can stash a business card, some quick pocket cash, or even a credit card with your iPhone if you want. The seams are reinforced with stitching and there are various colors available to suit all of your needs.

At Nerd’s Magazine, these products are just the start of something fantastic. Bringing you the best in today’s technology, our new store will put the hottest products in your hands for a highly competitive price. Let your geek shine with these and all of the products that you’ll be able to find in our exclusive online store today!

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