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How to Easily Flash and Backup Your Android Mobile Using Flashify

If you’re looking for a way to new and easiest way to backup and flash things for your Android device, then you might love to use a new Android app called Flashify. As I found this application to be the perfect solution to the above problem developed by XDA Senior Member cgollner.


Below you’re going to read about some question like What is Flashify? What makes Flashify special than other tools? And How to install Flashify? Lets us start with:

What is Flashify?

Flashify is a new Android application using which you can easily flash and backup your device from within Android. With the help of this application you can flash anything which give access to file you wish to flash. But this application is for rooted device.

For example, Suppose you‘re in file manager and you want to flash that file, then you will get the option to open and flash that file if you’ve flashify installed in it.

What files you can flash using Flashify?

Using flashify you can flash files which are listed below:

  • boot.img
  • recovery.img files
  • .zip files.

What makes Flashify special than other tools?

There are three features which make this application special in comparison to other which are listed below:

1. This application keeps track of what you’ve flashed with list of applications which you recently flashed.

2. You can easily switch between different tweaks and mods

3. It has an awesome backup function which allows you to backup and restore /boot and /recovery to Dropbox or Phone Storage. Now if you select  Dropbox you app will automatically synchronize your backup between  device.

How to install an application using Flashify?

Flash .img files

To flash .img files you don’t need custom recovery. Simply flash and reboot it

Flash .zip files

In case you want to flash .zip files, you need custom recovery. Also if you have TWRP you will also be able to wipe cache, dalvik and data.

List of devices on which Flashify got Success

This application is tested on different devices and working files. Below is the list of devices:

  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 10

Note: If you want to try to give this application make sure to create a backup of your data.

So download Flashify and try this application on your Android device. You can also share with us whether this application working on your device or not. And if you have any query related to Flashify head over to the original thread to get started

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