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44 Best Facebook Cover Photos Examples & Ideas 2013-2014

Best Facebook Photo Cover Examples and Ideas

Today’s article is dedicated to all those Facebook users who want to make their Facebook profile cover unique and creative in comparison to other friends. As we below we’re going to share answers to question i.e. What are best Facebook Cover Example & Ideas?

Facebook Cover Example

Facebook Timeline, is one of the best features which was officially become live on 2012. With this amazing feature Facebook brings profiles pages with new ability to view your status update in an amazingly sorted manner. Also, using this feature you can introduce yourself though graphic other than profile photo, and we call it Timeline Cover. And daily lots of Facebook users try to make their profile bit creative  just by creating a creative timeline cover, so to get little attraction and show up.

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And to show you, how creative people in this tech world, we try to gather an amazing showcase of some of the best Facebook Cover photos Ideas & Examples which either amaze you, inspire you to create a one. As

Also, at the end of the article we are going to give you an amazing Bonus using which you can also create one accurately. But before let us start with Facebook Cover photos idea:

1. Kay Int Veen

Kay Int Veen

2. Aly Moffatt

Aly Moffatt

3. Rafik Ekkapong Techawongthaworn Delmi

Rafik Ekkapong Techawong Thaworn Delmi

4. Delphin Hauchard

Delphin Hauchard

5. Eyal Shahar

Eyal Shahar

6. Fabio Maravilla

Fabio Maravilla

7. Gianmarco Carrieri

Ganmar Cocarrieri

8. Giuseppe Draicchio

Giuseppe Draicchio

9. Jeremy Bronson

Jeremy Bronson

10. Jessica Barnard

Jessica Barnard

11. Johnny Gigantic

Johnny Gigantic

12. Jörgen Bröms

Jorgen Broms

13. Lanfranco Nantele

Ianfran Conantele

14. Leo Lee

Leo Lee

15. Louise Lundberg

Louise Lundberg

16. Maarten Walraven

Maarten Walraven

17. Nagaraj Vijayarangan

Nagaraj Vijayarangan

18. Mohammad L. Azzam

Mohammad L Azzam

19. Murat Çizer

Murat Cizer

20. Oliver Elsner

Oliver Elsner

21. Richard Kårström

Richard Karstrom

22. Rudolfo Nobre

Rudolfo Nobre

23. Scott Lamb

Scott Lamb

24. Rodney Hess

Rodney Hess

25. Victor Zapanta

Victor Zapanta

26. Sven De Bruyne

Victor Zapanta

27. Rafa Ferro

Rafa Ferro

28. Krister Nielsen

Krister Nielsen

29. Gabriel Masliah

Gabriel Masliah

30. Myriam Heneine

Myriam Heneine

31. Ivan Marino

Ivan Marino

32. Jerome Vadon

Jerome Vadon

33. Annalisa Modotto

Annalisa Modotto

34. Sune Adler Miltersen

Sune Adler Miltersen

35. Tom Lambie

Tom Lambie

36. Maurizio Mazzanti

Maurizio Mazzanti

37. Menteş Nihat Baran

Mentes Nihat Baran

38. Manoj Varghese Mathew

Manoj Varghese Mathew

39. Florim I. Qerimi

Florim I. Qerimi

40. Enk Shahbaz Mehdi

Enk Shahbaz Mehdi

41. Antonio Fadda

Antonio Fadda

42. DJ Spyder

DJ Spyder

43. Rohit Chadha

Rohit Chadha

44. Viney Dhiman (Cursedboy) Created Myself

Viney Dhiman

Note: These cover pictures are Cover photos Ideas & Examples, might be some users changed their profile covers to new one.

Also, you can simply use Facebook time PSD template to create a one accurate profile cover, and if you would like to have some   likes & comments then check out these Funny Facebook status Give a try and if you face any problem share with us. And soon we will cover more new Facebook profile cover, so keep your submissions coming!

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