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List of 100 Best WordPress Plugins for 2014

Best Wordpress Plugin 2014

If you’re the one looking for some of the best WordPress Plugin and still find nothing. This article will take you through a list of  some of the Best WordPress Plugins for 2013. Go through the list and find the ones that will make your work better and make your website or blog stand out.

Best Plugins related to Comment Spam Protection

1. Askimet

It offers the best protection against spammy comments on your WP blog


Integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam methods with WordPress including comment, registration, and email spam protection.

3. Cookies for Comments

Amazing plugin in which you need to sets a cookie on a random URL and this plugin will check a comment, if the cookie is missing the comment in marked as spam.

4. AVH First Defense Against Spam

This plugin gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served.

5. Antispam Bee

Using this plugin you can fends off the comment and trackback spam in WordPress blogs reliably

Best Plugins for Database and File backup

1. BackUpWordPress

You can use this to schedule a back of your files and database automatically by setting up a schedule for it.

2. WP-DB-Backup

This allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. Using this you can also backup other tables in the same database.

3. BackWPup

Using this you can schedule easy, and complete automatic backups for your WordPress installation. You also have the power to choose which content you want to store and where. (Dropbox, S3, FTP).

4. WordPress EZ Backup

This plugin features lots of cool features with easy backup & archive your site & Database all from this easy to use plugin.

5. Backup Buddy

This is one of the best plugin which can back up, restore and move WordPress.

6. Vaultpress Premium

Its an premium backup service created by WordPress guys.

7. Bei Fen – Backup Plugin

Only thing this plugin can do for you is create backup of your complete WordPress installation

Best Plugins for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This one provides you a great solution for Search Engine Optimization  needs at one place including  XML Sitemaps, bread crumbs, Titles and more.

2. All in One SEO Pack

This one provides a radical search engine optimization solution for your blog.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin  will help you generate an XML-Sitemap that is compliant to search by all search engines.

4. StatCounter

Use this plugin to monitor actual human activity in real-time.

5. SEO Plugin Images

This automatically adds ALT and title attributes to all your images improving traffic from search engines.

6. SEO Ultimate

Using this you can control over title tags, noindex, meta tags, Open Graph, slugs, canonical, autolinks, 404 errors, rich snippets,

Best Plugin for statistics related to the blog

1. Google Analytics for WordPress

You can use this plugin to add the Analytics from Google with added search engines. Also find stats about download tracking and automatic clicked on your WordPress blog.

2. Stats

Keep track of the views on pages, posts, those who refer your blog or site and the clicks.

3. Wassup Realtime Stats

Using this you can analyze your visitors traffic with real-time statistics, a lot of chronological information, charts, a sidebar widget.

4. Analyticator

With the help of this you can add the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics.

5. WP-Stats Dashboard

Amazing plugin which helps you in tracking and monitoring Social media and your site.

6. All in One Webmaster

Using this plugin you can make a sitemap submission to Google & Bing. This also provides webmaster options for Facebook, Google and Bing

Best Plugin for Caching

1. W3 Total Cache

A total and quick WordPress plugin for optimizing performance

2. WP Super Cache

This is a static plugin for Caching on WordPress. It will improve the speed of your blog

3. DB Cache Reloaded Fix

Amazing plugin that produces cache of database queries with easy configuration.

4. Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is flexible and easy to configure cache system for WordPress.

5. FlexiCache

Its an flexible caching system which will improve the performance and availability.

6. CloudFlare Caching Service

Cloud-based services to help secure and accelerate websites.

Best Plugin related to Blog Security

1. All In One WP Security & Firewall

This one as the name suggests is the ultimate in security

2. Block Bad Queries

It helps you protect WordPress against malicious URL requests.

3. WP Login Security 2

WP Login Security 2 provides enhanced security by requiring users to whitelist their IP address. If user will logs in from an unknown IP the plugin will send you an email to user and admin.

4. Login Security Solution

This plugin secures you from attacks by tracking IP, name, password; requiring very strong passwords.

5. WordPress File Monitor Plus

This monitor files under your WP installation for changes.

6. WP Security Scan

This scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities.

7. Better WP Security

One of the easies way to secure WordPress, also you can improve the security of any WordPress site in seconds.

Best Plugins related to RSS Subscription

1. FeedBurner FeedSmith

This plugin will help detect the ways of accessing your original WordPress feeds completely and will redirect them to your FeedBurner. This will help you keep track of subscribers

2. Add to Any: Subscribe Button

Will aid in visitors to easily subscribe to blogs.

3. RSS Image Feed

Adds the first image of a post to your feeds, even in Firefox and even if you only display the excerpt.

4. RSS Footer

With the help of which you can add a line of content to the beginning or the end of all the articles in your feeds.

5. RSS Includes Pages

This plugin helps you to add pages to your sites feeds.

6. RSS Importer

With the help of this plugin you can import posts from an RSS feed.

7. Simple Feed Copyright

Using this plugin you can copyright notice at the end of post in your RSS feeds.

8. Feed Wrangler

This plugin helps you to manage your feed with ads,

Best Plugin Related to Contact Forms

1. Contact Form 7

This plugin will let you manage many contact forms and also allows you to customize the form

2. cforms

This one is also easily customizable

3. WP Contact form

It’s a form for others to get in touch with you

4. Gravity Forms

You can use this plugin to build and publish your forms in seconds

5. Contact Form

Contact Form allows you to add a feedback form easily and simply to a post

Best Plugins related to Social Networking

1. Sociable

Adds links to social bookmarking sites on pages and posts automatically

2. Share This

This one allows visitors to share posts and pages with their contacts

3. Artiss Social Bookmarks

Simple and easy shares on Facebook, Google Plus one and Twitters are possible with this.

4. Digg Digg

Best plugin which makes you easier to share your articles.

5. Social Stickers

A simple plugin that shows the various social networks you use. Also supports themes.

6. Facebook Like Box

Its an official Facebook social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain likes from their own website.

7. Follow on Twitter Button

This is a small official twitter follow button which allows users to easily follow a Twitter account from any webpage.

8. Flare

Flare is a simple yet eye-catching social sharing bar that gets you followed and lets get your content shared via posts, pages, and media types.

9. CommentLuv

This plugin automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment

Best Plugins related to Google Adsense

1. Google Adsense Plugin

Use this plugin to put in standards and conditions for the advertisements being displayed in terms of size, format, color of the elements, ad block position and rounded corners

2. Ad Injection

A simple plugin that will let you put in Google Adsense to pages, posts and the sidebar and some new corners.

3. Ads Inserter

Using this plugin all you need to do is paste the code and select the location and display mode. Its one of the best plugin for AdSense or contextual Amazon ads.

4. Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense offers a quicker & a flexible way to insert Google Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post.

5. Easy Adsense

This plugin provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google Adsense.

Best Plugin related to the Photo Gallery

1. NextGen Gallery

A very well known and sought after plugin which is really useful.

2. Page Flip Image Gallery

Use this plugin to create Image Gallery with Page Flip effects on your blog. This plugin also supports Tablets & Smartphones.

3. Gallery

With the help of this plugin you can insert a gallery page into your website.

4. RefFlex Gallery

It’s an easy to use responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin.

5. WP Photo Album Plus

Easily manage and display your photo albums and slideshows.

6. Lightbox Gallery

The Lightbox Gallery plugin changes the view of galleries to the lightbox.

7. Portfolio Slideshow

This plugin adds a clean, responsive javascript slideshow to your site.

Best Plugins related to Paypal Donation, E-commerce  and Payment

1. WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

You can use this to simply sell stuff or services online  from the WordPress blog or site

2. WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept

Using this plugin you can collect donations or payments with a single click

3. Paypal Donation

Amazing plugin to add a PayPal Donation button as a Widget or with a shortcode.

4. WP-Webmoney

Use this WordPress Donations Plugin to collect and receive donations for any cause by Webmoney

5. Jigoshop

It’s an amazing plugin which ensures excellent performance and customizability

Best Plugin related to Membership

1. Membership

This can convert your WordPress site into a membership site in a few easy steps.

2. s2Member

Plugin for professional WordPress® membership management, integrating seamlessly with User Roles & Capabilities.

Best Plugins related to Affiliates

1. Affiliates Ready! Ecommerce Integration Light

This plugin integrates Affiliates with Ready eCommerce Shopping Cart.

2. WordPress Affiliate Link Manager

Will let you convert some keywords in your blogs and pages into affiliate links as a matter of course. It will also cloak the affiliate link and give it a more manageable alias.

3. Pretty Link Pro

Amazing affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener

4. Ninja Affilate

Using this plugin you can automatically convert any keyword in your blog to an affiliate link instantly

Best Plugin Related to Related Post

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This plugin provides an array of pages and posts that are connected to the entry that is current and provide the reader with good content while they are on the site.

2. nrelate Related Content

One of the best way to display your related posts such Thumbnails Or Text on every page.

3. Related Post Thumbnails

Use this plugin and show your related post under your post in such a nice way.

4.  WP-Thumbie

With the help of this plugin you can show user defined number of related / similar posts with thumbnail images

5. WordPress Related Plugin

Using this plugin you can show list of similar posts with thumbnails and gives you click-through statistics.

Some other best useful plugins

1. Simple Tags

This makes life on WordPress easier by ensuring tagging is simpler and also aids in auto completion, tag cloud widgets, suggested tags, mass edit tags and related posts

2. Executable PHP Widget

Quite similar to  the Text widget, albeit it will also take PHP code

3. SyntaxHighlighter Plus

This will help highlight any code in the post or pages

4. Wayside Newsletters

Transmit newsletters, notification of posts or respond automatically with a simple and beautiful manner

5. WP-Polls

You can use this by adding an AJAX poll and get your visitors to respond to the blog or page by voting on the poll

6. Exclude Pages

This plugin allows you to select and exclude some pages manually from the navigation  menu

7. WP

This WordPress plugin makes the image file size smaller and helps improve performance. All this without spoiling the quality of the image

8. WP Video Lightbox

Allows you to embed video on a page making use of the light box overlay display.

9. Broken Link Checker

This will help you to check all the missing  posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images and notify you if get any.

10. Redirection

This plugin manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors without requiring knowledge of Apache .htaccess files.

11. TinyMCE Advanced

Use this plugin to which enables the advanced features of TinyMCE, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

12. Authenticator

It’s a Google Authenticator for your WordPress site.

13. P3 Profiler

This plugin helps you to check which plugin is slowing down your site.

14. Regenerate Thumbnails

Allows you to regenerate your thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes.

This article has some really useful and handy plugins for WordPress. We will endeavor to keep you updated with more plugins that will help you enhance the performance of your WordPress Blog or website.

Featured Image Credits: Softstribe

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