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List of 12 Best HTC One Cases for Full Body Protection

So have you got yourself one of the most popular android handset i.e HTC One and now you crave to buy the best case for your HTC One? If yes, then you’re going to like this opinion piece based on HTC One Cases for Full Body Protection of this android mobile. Also, if you’ve nabbed HTC First Facebook Phone and want to ensure your handset protection. You can check Best HTC First Cases

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After exploring some of the cases which were available for HTC One, I found 10 best cases which defiantly going to protect your new Android phone. So have a look at gallery shared below and don’t forget to share about the one which you’re planning to get for your shiny new HTC handset.

1. Speck Cases

htcone- Speck Cases

Speck has launched 4 awesome cases which are perfect for HTC One. You can choose out of CandyShell, CandyShell Grip, SmartFlex View or GemShell.

Price: $29.95

2. Belkin Ultra Thin Case

Belkin Ultra Thin

Another cool ultra-skinny option comes in rad “sorbet steel” finish.

Price: $32.99

3. Incipio DualPro Cases

Incipio DualPro

Incipio has 6 awesome cases for your which provides you Smartphone two layers of protection with a soft touch finish.

Price: $11.58

4. Pinstripe Case

HTC Pinstripe Case

If pouch style protection is one you’re looking for your HTC One then, pinstripe  cases are worth checking

Price: $15

5. Case-Mate Cases

Case-Mate Cases htc one

You can try Cases Mates cases , if you’re looking for tough protection for your handset.

6. Double Dip Hard Shell

Double Dip Hard Shell

Looking for something unique, then double dip cases are the best option for you. These cases feature three-part “Double Dip”.

Price: $24.99

7. Incipio DualPro Shine

Incipio DualPro Shine

It’s another awesome case by Incipio with its smart aluminium finish will increase handset beauty for sure.

Price: $15.56

8. Leather Case Wallet

Leather Case Wallet HTC One

If you’re are a business person, then this is the best case you can choose for your HTC One. Its featuring one slot department for cash, credit or business cards with a brass snap button.

Price: $69.00

9. Otterbox Cases

Otterbox Cases HTC One

You can shield your device with these otterbox protective cases.

Price: $30.98

10. M-Edge Echo

HTC M-Edge Echo

Cool cases which didn’t make their first step in the market but coming soon with its dual-layer cover with a range of cool colors. If you need to alert about when these cases are available for you, you can register your email address.

Price: TBA

11. Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof Arm Pack

Waterproof Arm Pack

Amazing case help you to take away your keys, phone, cash and credit cards with your and protect them from water during your sports activities like running and other cardio exercises.

Price: $30.02

12. Body Glove Tactic Brushed

Body Glove Tactic Brushed

Amazing case offer protection for your phone using multiple layers. This also features gel side grips to enhance comfort and avoid dropping your phone in the first place.

Price: $30

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