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5 Best Electronic Cigarettes for 2013

If you are a smoker and you want to quit smoking and you are not achieving that with the help of nicotine replacement therapies, then you should get connected to the electric cigarettes. The electric cigarettes generate nicotine like vapor that is not covered by smoking act. This is one of the reasons that these cigarettes have become famous everywhere.

Well!  Most people are not familiar with the e-cigarettes so that is why they can’t make a choice to select which e-cigarette is suitable for them.

These cigarettes can also be refilled, either by buying cartridges from the suppliers or you can also buy liquid and refill it yourself. The e-cigarettes that are refilled need maintenance after time. But these cigarettes are cheaper and they also give smokers a chance to shop through different flavors as well. You should keep that strictly in mind that although these e-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking addiction but they also contain some nicotine which is very injurious to health.

Following are the Best five Electronic Cigarettes for 2013 that are numbered after testing by a regular smoker, a person who switched from smoking to vaping and a social smoker. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Innokin iTaste Express VV:


Yes! At number one is the Innokin iTaste Express VV. It has got some serious features that are so interesting. The VV part in its name is for ‘Variable Voltage’. This means you can manually manage the voltage and set puff. Varying voltage changes your taste and the amount of vapor you want.  It design is also attractive with squared edges. All these features are available in an extremely reasonable price of just £36.99 for its basic starter pack.

These are top five e-cigarettes that are tested by the smokers. Well! You should be careful in selecting cigarette that meets all you needs and gives you the taste you want.

2. Totally Wicked Odyssey:


This is something that is designed very beautifully. Its elegance is the result of hard work of Totally Wicked along with UCLAN. Apart from design, this e-cigarette has a very strong and powerful throat hit and it will give you a strong flavor that you can’t expect from a liquid.

Battery life is also very good and as mentioned in its previous product, Totally Wicked has come with rechargeable AAA batteries. Most expensive in the list, the basic starter package of this e-cigarette worth £89.99 which can be expensive for average smoker.

3. Liberty Flights Vision Ego V2:


If you have bought a pack of Liberty Flights Vision Ego V2 kit, then you have actually bought two sets of this e-cigarette. Its starter pack includes two cleartomisers, two batteries, a charger and liquid. You can have the advantage of this by charging the other one while you are using the other. You can carry a spare with you as well. Its battery life is good and throat hit is also pleasant. Its Price is £44.99 for its basic starter pack.

4. Totally Wicked Ego Slim:


This device is good in its taste. It does not catch your throat and does not taste like burning plastic. One of its benefits is its slim and sleek design. This e-cigarette is much slimmer than the previous models, which makes it extremely portable. It works with one AAA battery. The Basic starter pack of this e-cigarette costs £44.99 with two rechargeable AAA batteries and a USB charger.

5. E-Lites G200:


E-lites is the brand that you have probably seen on a local store or in the high streets. These cigarettes look just like ordinary cigarette. They shape like cigarette, colored like cigarette and they also come in a cigarette keeping box that acts as your e-cigarette charger and a place to keep the spare cartridges

Each cartridge has an ability to hold 40 cigarettes and has a long battery life. Its cartridge is not of same quality and taste, some work more while some work less. The price of its basic pack is about £37.

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