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24 (More) Best Cydia Apps For 2013

This a follow up on the earlier article we wrote about Cydia Applications. Cydia ranks a close second after the official application store for us apps. After all if the finicky and picky Apple has approved Cydia then it has to be good. Here is the list of  Cydia Apps For 2013 that will make your iPhone or iPad even better:

Best Cydia Apps For 2013

 1. Sara

She is your Siri if you have jailbroken your iPhone. Sara works on the lines of Siri with cute answers being given for weird questions. You can install Sara pretty simply. You need to add the source, locate the package, complete installation and use the application.

2. CyDelete

This is an application that will very useful and save you a lot of time. You can use this to simply and quickly delete a Cydia Application like other applications from the Apple store.

3. DisplayOut

 You can use a tweak to show your iOS device onto a larger screen. Since video and gaming are supported you can enjoy playing games or watching movies on bigger screen using your iPhone.

4. iProtect

If protecting your iPhone is one of your main concerns, then this application for you. Instead of saving everything with a common password or code you can select and protect pics, date or files on your device.

5. RecognizeMe2.0

This one will bring in face recognition into your jailbroken phone in a simple way. Can be used to unlock things on your phone

6. Swipe Navigation for Music

We sometimes dislike the idea of tapping on the screen to get to something we need. With this application you can integrate the swipe gesture on your iPhone. You can get to your music collection by swiping rather than tapping

7. AdBlocker

If you have become weary of coming across pages on the web that dotted with many advertisements, then this application is the one you need. It makes sure that all advertisements are blocked from many sites and makes for a neater viewing

8. Grooveshark

 This application will let you make playlists and allow you to listen to music on radio or allow you to download the song you want so that you can listen to it as and when you want.

9. Cyntact

If you wanted the picture of your contacts on phone on the list of contacts, then you will love this application. It is an added feature that will display the contact along with the picture.

10. IntelliID

If you are sick and tired of callers that you don’t know bugging you with calls then this application will be very useful for you. This one will show you the number even if it is not on your list.

11. IntelliScreenX

In case you have always longed for more that an iOS 5 notification provides you will love this application. This one will show a glance of important information like reminders, calendar notifications, tweets and emails on your phone screen.

12. AirBlue

You can use this application to transmit and get the files on your iOS device using Bluetooth. Files can also be shared between two iOS users.

13. Autocorrection Bar

This one will correct your words as you type and even provide you with predictions for words as you input them.

14. ProTube

You can use this to do many this with YouTube like downloading and watching in HD or SD if you feel like it. A great option to save the MP3 of video songs that you love.

15. F.lux

Trendy tweak which warms up your device screen to match the lighting at night.

16. VLC Media

This lets you download and use VLC media player on your jailbreaked device.

17. Zepplin

With Zepplin, you can replace your carrier name with custom logo.

18. Fake Carriers

Use Fake Carriers to change carrier and time string which is located on the status bar.

19. Safari Omnibar

Safari Omnibar get you unified Chrome search and address bar in Safari allow to type in anything.

20. WeeKillBackground

With this application you can close all your applications with a single tap on the screen.

21. AnyLockApp

Use this cydia tweak you can put any application on your lockscreen.

22. SuperSwitcher

Using SuperSwitcher you can make any app your favorite and add it to your  multitasking bar, so that you can access it quickly.

23. Zephyr

This tweak makes multitasking more easy, you just need swipe left or right to switch between application.

24. Covert

If you love to use incognito mode on Google Chrome browser and want to use same your device, then you can try Covert on your device.  This tweak will provide private browser window which leave no history, no cookies, no session and more.

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So these are top 24 best Cydia app for 2013, so give try to these and don’t forget to share your opinion with us. You can also suggest us your favorite Cydia apps.

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