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25 Best Accessories for iPhone to Buy in 2013

PayPal Here Mobile Chip and PIN Card Reader

Whether you love your current iPhone, Or you can wondering to replace present iPhone, Or its first time that you are making your first step into an Apple Smartphone world. Then you need some coordinating Accessory and Pheripherals which gives more grace to your Smartphone.

Here in this article I’ve decided to share with you Best Accessories for iPhone to Buy which I have stumbled across over the web. The special thing about these accessories is that, they’re very affordable, they’re future proof and the perfect, if iPhone is likely the hub for videos, communication and music.

So without wasting a single second, let us have a look at some of them:

1. Ollo Clip Quick Connect lens

Ollo Clip Quick Connect lens

With this amazing handy clip attachment you got an extra functionality on your iPhone. Using this accessory you can take fish-eye, wide-angle and macro snaps. You can use Ollo Clip Quick lens as a regular camera app and instagram.

Price: $96.17 $49.99

2. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Outdoor

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Outdoor

Koubachi accurately determines the vitality of your plant and sends you a notification with precise care advice at the right time. All you need to do is stick the device in your plant pot and connect it via Wi-Fi to your iPhone.

Price: $160.33 $99.99

3. Zepp GolfSense Sensor

Zepp GolfSense Sensor

Zepp is the top-selling 3D swing analyzer system for iPhone sensor technology which let you capture motion in 3D. Its featuring four precision motion sensor packed inside key fob like device.

Price: $160.33 $91.87

4. Elgato EyeTV Mobile with Lightning Connector

Elgato EyeTV Mobile with Lightning Connector

With this you can get access to Freeview channels without connecting to the internet. For this you need to plug into the lighting on your iPhone device. You can also save lots of data using this.

Price: $144.15 $84.99

5. Belkin WeMo Switch

Belkin WeMo Switch

Using this application you can control your home electronics right from your iPhone. For that you need Wi-Fi network and mobile internet, this also works with ifTTT.

Price: $46.99

6. PayPal’s Zettle Reader

PayPal Here Mobile Chip and PIN Card Reader

With near-instant Bluetooth pairing and extended battery life, it’s compact and light, but robust enough to handle the demands of a busy working day. Accepts cards and contactless payments.

Price: $29

7. Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash Wireless Security

Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash Wireless Security

This amazing technology keeps your valuables and iPhone in range with the help of Bluetooth wireless technology. This basically alert you when you misplace your valuable and you’re not able to find them. One thing which I like about this that it fit perfectly in your wallet.

Price: $70.54 $33

8.  Sony QX10 and QX100

Sony QX10 and QX100 for iPhone

Take photography on your iPhone to a new level with the QX10 and QX100 smart lens from Sony. Special about this accessory is that it has impressive 18MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor.

Buy from Amazon QX10 $198 and QX100 $448

9. Sphero 2

Sphero 2 for iPhone

It’s an amazing plastic ball which is controlled by your Smartphone. Using this you can connect to games, nifty apps and you can also fool your pet. This device can be controlled via Bluetooth.

Price: $158.99 $99.95

10. Looxcie Live

Looxcie Live

Its a wearable 480p camera which lets you stream footage live on your device just to help of simple applications. You can also archive footage and lot more.

Price: $224.24

11. Nest

Nest Thermostat iPhone

Amazing accessory which is controlled by an iOS app and uses six sensors which adopt your living pattern.

Price: $236.99

 12. Wahoo Blue HR

Wahoo Blue HR

Its a Bluetooth heart rate monitor which you can use with the help of almost any fitness application. It’s waterproof up to 5 feet and even track your heart rate when you riding your bike.

Price: $80 $49.99

13. BookBook iPhone 5 Wallet Case

BookBook iPhone 5 Wallet Case

Its till now the one of the best wallet case which is stylish and rugged which has space to carry cash and credit card, identity card and more.

Price: $59.99

14. Tiltpod Keychain Tripod

Tiltpod Keychain Tripod

A quick-connect articulating stand for the iPhone. Just attach the tiltpod to your key chain and enjoy hands-free photos, videos and more. With this you can enjoy hands-free movies, FaceTime and more.

Price: $14.99

15. Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

Its a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place.

Price: $24.95 $12.75

16. Pivot Power Mini Outlet Adapter

Pivot Power Mini Outlet Adapter

With this you can transform a single socket into four fabulous features. Its amazing design delivers two grounded outlets, and two USB ports.

Price: $24.99

17. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

It’s an amazing portable-Bluetooth-speaker with incredible design and audio variety.

Price: $269.99

18. GilaSkins


Now doubt everybody wants to ensure the protection of the device, but the device also needs to look good. For this you can try Gilaskinsto personalize your iPhone with a skin or hard case cover, designed by you.

Price: According to skins

19. PowerFlask


It’s an iPhone charger which looks like a flask and can charge up to 2 iOS devices at a same time.

Price: $52.95

20. Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

It’s an amazing virtual keyboard which you can place on a flat surface and type whatever you want. A perfect geek accessory for iOS device.

Price: $98.99

21. Matrix Audio Qube

Matrix Audio Qube

Its an loudest portable speaker which comes in a small size and take very small size and you can even place in your bag.

Price: $49.99 $32.25

22. Agloves Original Gloves

Agloves Original Gloves

If you live in cold areas and want to keep your hand warm while typing messages and playing games, then try these gloves.

Price: $12.99

23. R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter

RC Wi-Spi Helicopter

This lets you control an actual R/C helicopter with your iPhone . And guess what this also has a camera attached in it and also transmit video playback to your iPhone.

24. Kogeto Dot

Kogeto Dot

Just add it on your iPhone and it will record everything around in the range of 360 degrees.

Price: $19.99

25. Stylus Pen Kuel H14 Series

Stylus Pen Kuel H14 Series for iPhone

These stylus is not just for tablet now you can also try this on your iPhone. It’s made up of a special silicone and high polymer coating for a smooth touch and no abrasion.

Price: $16.99

So these are best Accessories for iPhone to Buy in 2013. So give a try to these and let us know which one you love to buy. Also, if we forget to add any good name share with us using the comments section.

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