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13 Best Alternatives To Window live Writer For Windows, Mac & Linux

Alternatives To Window live Writer

Desktop blog editors provide a pretty convenient tool for many bloggers and are preferred by a majority for their easy convenience. These editors offer many features and can be used offline. Most of them are freeware and some are priced but that is too little to get noticed. The most common among them is Windows Live Writer and considering the majority of followers, many haven’t tried any other editors that perform exceptionally well like the Window Live Writer. Some are even more advanced than Windows live Writer and serves as a good alternative as desktop blog editors.

Moreover the Live Writer’s future has been uncertain since the news delivered by Microsoft about the closure of the service. Here are the lists of some desktop blog editors that serve as a good alternative to Windows Live Writer for Windows, Mac & Linux

1. WordPress built-in editor

WordPress built-in editor

WordPress has really come far from the previous instalment where it provides easy addition of images without even going through the upload form. You can drop and drop images directly into the upload toolbar for quick upload, moreover formatting and editing is also slick. The only thing that lacks in WordPress built-in editor is the auto recovery if by unfortunate circumstances your browser crash. But if that is something you need you can always check out DoMyWriting.

2. Zoundary Raven

Zoundry Raven

Second in line after Windows Live Writer is quite popular among the majority. Decent application, slick design and easy interface make this Desktop blog editor quite a popular choice. Zoundary Raven doesn’t offer the ease of dragging and dropping images like in WordPress rather you have to go conventionally through insert image option. The additional feature in Zoundary raven is a media storage wizard that helps the user to upload image from various sites such as Flickr, Picassa etc.

3. BlogDesk


Simple in appearance yet powerful in performance. This desktop blog editor allows you to format your post in a more complicated formatting manner. Like Zoundary raven, here also the application miss the easy upload option.

Platform: Windows

4. ScribeFire


It is mainly an extension of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and opera where it allows the user to blog right from the browser. It has a split screen option where you can blog and simultaneously search web for materials for your blog.

Platform: Browser Based

5. Post2Blog


Freeware powerful blog editor for WordPress, Typepad, MovableType and other blogs.

Platform: Windows

6. MarsEdit 3


MarsEdit has great connectivity and is the only program than will perform a 2-way sync with your blog. It supports posting to many popular blogging services, such as blogger, Movable Type, Tumblr and WordPress.

Platform: Mac

7. BlogJet


Simple appearance, advanced features and easy convenience of access makes this desktop blog editor a worthy contender. Features included are editor, word counter, group posting, integration with feeds and auto replace.

Platform: Windows

8. Qumana


The Simple desktop editing tool allows you to write and save posts to your hard drive, while also posting to any of your blog anywhere.

Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac

9. Thingamablog


The Thingamablog application allows the user to maintain multiple blogs, to create layouts through customizable templates and to use custom template tags that avoid repetitive input

Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac

10. Blogo


Exclusive for Mac, this desktop blog editor has many advanced features such as offline mode, video posting, widgets, drag and dropping and group posting.

Platform: Mac

11. Ecto


It allows one to compose and store blog entries on the local desktop computer, then upload them to a weblog host. It acts with ecto interacts with popular server software such as Blogger, Moveable Type, and WordPress, among others.

Platform: Windows and Mac

12. Deepest Sender

deepest Sender

It is mainly an extension of Firefox where it allows the user to blog right from the browser. It has a split screen option where you can blog and simultaneously search web for materials for your blog. The only advantageous part of the Deepest Sender from ScribeFire is that you can have the ease of dragging and dropping the images in your blog.

Platform: Browser Based

13. Bleezer


Another cool desktop editing tool which is very similar to the above mention tool. It’s also a great alternative to the Window live writer, if you’re looking for some change.

Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac

So these are the best Alternatives to Windows Live Writer Which I found are best for Windows, Mac & Linux operating system. But if you think I forget to mention any good name feel free to share with me.

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