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6 Best Vine Alternatives for Android 2013-2014

vine alternative for android

In this article we’re going to answer to question i.e. What are some good alternatives to Vine? And, if you’re the one looking for answer to the same question, then keep reading.

vine alternative for android

With the launch of Vine, the great battle between social networking superiority has got interesting. Vine is a Twitter based app that allows you to share, capture, upload and edit a six second video clip. But one problem with this app is that it is only available for Apple users.  You can use this app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch only, which lets more than 500 million Android users out of the ring. Well! There is no need to worry about it. A lot of applications have been designed as the alternative. Following are some of the alternatives to Vine for the android users who want to share their videos with the world.

1. Tout

This app allows you to record a video up to 16 seconds and share it to the websites, social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or to its own website. Many news channels have their accounts on this app like BBC, ABC news, etc. Although this app does not allow you to edit videos, but still it is good to update news. You can easily get all the video updates on your phone which is good to keep up with updates.

2. Viddy

This is described as the Instagram for videos. With this interesting app you can share 15 seconds of video easily. This app is also one-shoot but you can add cool effects like fillers and music. You can instantly share these short videos to Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms as well. This app allows you to capture audio only. You can use it to show a ground view scene of breaking news and more.

3. Keek

Keek is for those users who want to share videos more than just 6 seconds long. It allows you to record and share videos of above 36 seconds in length. You can follow other people and comment on their videos as well. You can also respond back by sharing a video. This is called Keekback. Saving a Keek can also be done if you want to upload it later. One good thing in Keek is that you can also connect it through Facebook, or message contacts of your phone to follow them. There are different options to view Keeks like Most viewed, Latest, and more.

4. Cinemagram

This app allows users to capture a video clip up to one minute in length and share it on Twitter or Facebook with a small blurb along with. It has all the features of Vine (plus even more). You can use special effects for adding stunning video filters, speed,and looping to create movie-like visual effects.

5. Mobli

This is considered to be one of the most useful alternatives. Not only unlimited length videos, you can also share photos. You can use your camera or can choose a photo or video from the gallery. There are several editing effects as well. You can find people via Facebook, your contacts or Twitter. Videos can also be searched by, Most recent, Popular and other tags.

6. Socialcam

This interesting application lets you to record videos or you can also import them from the gallery of your cell phone. This app is good for applying cool effects to the videos and sharing them. You can apply up to 16 filters before pressing the record button. If you are importing pictures from your gallery, then you can add these cool effects later. You can also add music to it. Privacy settings are also good on this app. You can make your video public or can make it private by selecting trusted friends to share your videos with.

7. 7s-an Instagram of short clips

Its an amazing app that lets you create and share short, beautiful videos on your Android phone. Capture those memorable, precious moments of your life, and tweet your videos or post them on Facebook for your friends, family, and everyone else to see. With 7 seconds app, you can apply a variety of filters to achieve an artistic look or reflect your mood, just the way you do it in Instagram.

So, these are some of the apps for the Android users as an alternative to Vine. You can get these apps on Android market of on Google Play.

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