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9 Best Alternatives To Google Wave [Similar Services] 2013-2014

Google Wave Alternatives

Online collaboration gives a lot of help and possibilities to the worker of this new world. File sharing, synchronization, collaborative editing, discussions and many other things are included in a collaborative tool.

Google Wave Alternatives

The latest and most trusted collaborative tools in the online world was the Google Wave. It has got emails, IM, wikis, and social networking all together in order to shorten the long distances of communication. Google Wave has won the hearts of million online users with its super user-friendly and connected to nature. But unfortunately this service is accessible only by invite.

Google announced that they won’t update their Google Wave. This is sad news because when it was launched; most people got attached to it. Well! No need to worry about it as there are a lot of alternatives available online. They are similar to Google Wave and some are even more efficient features.

Following are some of the alternatives to Google Wave.

1. Shareflow

This collaboration tool is very helpful for those who attend group meetings. It gives you and organizational control over the things you collaborate. You can easily communicate with other people in the form of “flows” which are also known as threads, where you can easily drop and share links, images, events. You can also add videos, web clips and much more directly using your email.

2. Slatebox

This amazing online collaborative tool can also work as a mind mapping application. Its basic features include creating charts, diagrams and other things using the “slates”. This app is great to share your ideas and other things online under one protected account.

3. Dabbleboard

This tool is specialized for the collaboration around whiteboard. This is helpful for those who conduct presentations, and discuss the ideas. Its most popular features include, drag and drop, unlimited undo and redo, etc. It has got shape recognition as well by which you can draw your diagram freely and the tool will fix it for you.

4. Redmark

This collaborative tool is specially designed for the graphic designers. Redmark is a pro in connecting the web and graphic designers by letting them to share their sample designs with the clients.

5. Unavailable)

This is a fully featured tool that is designed especially for file sharing tasks. The good thing about this tool is that you do not need to sign up if you want to share something. But if you want to take full advantage, then you must have to register yourself.

6. DropBox

This collaborative tool can work on various platforms like Mac, Windows, etc. You can synchronize different types of documents. You need to share the file folder in web interface if you want to collaborate it.

7. LiveMesh

This tool is helpful in sharing the tools online. You can create folders in which you can upload files and documents. You can chat and discuss about the files you have shared on MSN. This tool works on different operating systems and mobile devices as well.


You can create a shared workspace with the help of this online tool easily. Once you have created a folder, you can easily add, organize, edit and view content for collaboration. Other features of this amazing application is reviewing, approving, and creating wiki-style documents. You can also access through mobile devices as well.

9. ShowDocument

It is a very interesting web tool. You can work on a shared whiteboard by which you can display your presentation to the clients. You can annotate YouTube video clips and Google maps with this tool as well. It comes with live drawing and chat tools by which you can discuss about the content.

These are some of the best Google Wave alternatives, all of them are trusted and you can easily use them without any fear of data loss.

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