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23 Best Hidden Features of Samsung i9300 Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest Android Smartphone available in market which delivers an impressive package of the latest technology and all the best Samsung has to offer in a stunning chassis that is sleek and slim. It’s the only product which giving jaw breaking competition to the iPhone and expecting the same from Upcoming Android Smartphone i.e Samsung Galaxy S4. But beside this its also knows for something which is very unique, i.e. Hidden features which you don’t even know about.

Best Hidden features of Galaxy S3

Yes, Android smartphones are well known for its hidden features which you don’t know and worthy of your use. Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 are one of live examples of this. But the question is How to Know about these hidden features of Galaxy S3 ? Users who love to explore their Smartphone can know them easily but those who are not techsavy, how would they know about these features. If you are one of them then, Not to worry to answer this question I’m intending to share with you this article which cover almost every secret feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 which is known till. All you need is just one look at all of them.

So without wasting a single second, lets start with our article,

1. Screen Grab

Taking a screenshot  can be tricky for you if have never used Android Smartphone. In Samsung Galaxy S3 there are two ways for taking a screenshot. Let’s start with first one, but to make this tweak working you need to activate the motion sensor feature of your Smartphone. For this click on “setting”, “motions” and after that tap on “enable motion activation.” Once this is activated, all you need to do is swipe your palm from right to left across the screen. And you will get notification that “saving screenshot. You can check this screenshot in the gallery.

Second one is very easy, All you need to do is “press and hold” the “menu” and “power” button together which will capture a screenshot.

2. Instant App Access without Unlocking a Screen

This tweak will help you to access app, instant without unlocking the screen, to make that thing all you need to do is just swipe across the symbol and it will directly take you to the app. For example, you can open camera and lots more in no seconds without unlocking screen.

3. Make calls by shaking your Android Phone

If you are in a hurry and you to get quick access to the dial pad, all you need to do is shake your mobile device. Beware, you may find yourself making lots of accidental calls. You might also love to read about

4. Easily Manage Your Tasks

Using this tweak you can easily access to the task manager, Simply hold the home button and screen will pop up in which you will get a list of all the application running on your Smartphone. Now from this list, choose the application or feature which you want to access. You also have the option to close the app just by clicking “end” button which is clearly visible on the left side of every application. And if you want to close application with one click, simply click on remove all.

5. Offline Browsing

Samsung Galaxy S3 also has support for offline browsing, that means if you’re in the plane, you can easily access to your important documents and music streaming. To make that thing happen all you need to do is, go to your favorite website using your web browser, now click “options” buttons, and then save for offline reading. Now check whether its working or not, turn off your wireless connectivity and go back to your browser and tap on star icon next to the address bar. Here click on “saved pages” and you will get the list of websites which you can access when there is no internet.

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6. Bespoke Phone Stand

If you have got the official Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case, then this is one of the best and worthy feature of this amazing device. On the back of the case you’ll find that there is little bumpy- but its an integrated stand. Now the trick is, you need to add 10 or 20 cent coin into that slot and rest your Android Smartphone on it.  Using this tweak you can rest your android mobile up to two angles depending on the position of the coin.

7. Tilt to Zoom

Personally, I like this hidden feature of Galaxy S3, all you need to do is tilt zoom in. And tilt it from side to side to move the icon, or scroll across screens.

8. Double Tap Scrolling

Sometimes scrolling are also becoming annoyed you if you are reading a long page or going through your emails. Now to make this much easier you can also double tap the phone’s top and the list or page will return to the top. Otherwise you are scrolling back up to top.

9. Double tap for Image

This is an amazing feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 i.e. You can double tap the screen to zoom an image and move the phone around the move across the picture.

10. Just turn it over. Or put your palm over the screen

This is very good and helpful feature of this Smartphone. It feels very embarrassing that you are in a meeting and suddenly your your phone start running and now you are looking for the mute button. But not to worry because now you can mute the ringtone just by turning it over or placing your palm on the screen.

11. Pop Up Play

If you love multitasking them this feature is really helpful to you. Using this feature you can access to multiple things at one time Or you can watch videos, while chatting with your friends on Facebook. To make that thing happen, all you need to do is, tap a pop up icon at the bottom right of the video player. Now you will get a small video screen which containing the video, when you are using other feature of the phone.

12. S Voice- A Siri for Galaxy S3

It’s an amazing virtual assistance for your Android device which obey every order which you give to him. For example, if you want to listen music, simple order the phone to do it for you. To make that thing happen, Open S Voice app, now tap the microphone icon at the bottom and say the name of the song and band name which you want to listen. It will search and in few second play that song for you. It supports almost all the languages.

13. Access FM Radio

Simply Open the Radio app on your Smartphone and then click scan in options. Now app will give you a list of all the available channels, all you need to do is select the channel from which you want to listen the music.

14. No more click, Say Cheese

Another cool tweak which comes under, S Voice feature of Samsung Galaxy S3. Using this feature now you can capture photo just by saying “Cheese” or “Capture”. To use this feature go to main setting for the phone, then select “Language and Input” and click on “Voice cmd for apps.

15. Pan to move the icon

Suppose you want to move the icon to the home screen, you are already doing this just by touching and holding an icon and then try to drag it into homescreen. But in Galaxy S3 there is another way to make that thing happen i.e. Just touch and hold the icon, but instead of dragging it, just move the phone left to right and you will notice that homescreen also moves when you pan. Now, whenever you got the area of the homescreen where you want your icon just release it.

16. Quickly Launch Search Function

This is an amazing trick using which you are able to access a built-in search function using which you can search the web, via and also your device. All you need to do is, tap and hold the menu key until a search bar appears. Now type whatever you want to search.

17. Customize Your Galaxy S III App Drawer

App Drawer is an amazing place where all of your Android apps stored. Using this feature you can organize and customize the drawer and rearrange the app according to your desire. To use this feature all you need to do is, open your App Drawer and then tap the menu button. Now choose from the view type option and select the setting way you want.

18. Smart Alert

What this does is that lets say you get an Email, Missed Call, Message, WhatsApp etc. While your phone is in your pocket or on the desk, the moment you pick up your S3 it vibrates to alert you whilst also flashing its LED indicator.

19. Call or Send Text Easily

When you are in contacts, you can use the touchscreen gesture to make calls or send messages. If you want to send a text simply swipe left to right on a name and right to left to make calls.

20. Prolonging the Battery Life

If your battery is running low or you want to get the most out of it, then you might love to use a power saving feature which is provided in Samsung Galaxy S3. This will help you to optimize battery life.

21. Make Short Clips and Films

If you like to edit videos, then I’m glad to share with you that now you can also trim video on the Samsung Galaxy S3 using built in app which will give you perfect short clips.

22. Protect your Smartphone

If you were to lose your handset there is a handy feature that allows you to remotely wipe your Samsung Galaxy S3. To access this you do have to sign up online with Samsung and then you have the option of wiping the device, or if you lose it, you can find it with the Find my Phone online feature. You might also love to read about

23. Send files to another WIFI Directly like Bluetooth

Now using this feature you can send files to another WIFI, direct device like Galaxy S2 or more with much higher speed in comparison to Bluetooth. All you need to do is establish an ADHOC WIFI connection, check this link to establish WIFI Direct in Galaxy S2. The procedure is same for Galaxy S3, once you are done with data transfer you can turn it off by going into Settings>Wireless & networks. Or if you transferring data between both Samsung Galaxy S3 devices, then just touch their backs to each other (NFC) and the phones will do the rest.

So, I’m doing from my side, but I’m sure that still there are lots of features which are missing in my list. If you feel that I forget the one which deserve to be in this list, then feel free to share with us.

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