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10 Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3

Rock Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector

If you got your Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3 then you we got some fresh and new Screen Protector for your Android Smartphone which provide additional safety to screen.

If you just bought your Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3 Android Smartphone, then first thing which we would recommend for your Smartphone is “Screen Protector ”. Safety is one of the most important factor among these mobile devices which is insured by these Screen Protector. You might also love to read about:

If you can spend around 650-700 USD on buying Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3 than it is fair to buy a Screen Protector around $10-$30 to protect your Smartphone screen. So today I decided to gather some of the fresh Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3 Android mobile that you can purchase online. So are you ready to pick one for your Smartphone

1. XtremeGuard Screen Protectory

If you want to protect the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S3 then you might love to buy a XtremeGuard screen protector. It has a bright display and generous screen size with its Shield-Heat Technology shield help to repair and erase existing scratches to your display.

Price: $10

2. Pro-Tec Screen Protector

Pro-Tec Screen Protector

This is an amazing screen protector which helps to prevent screen scratching and other damage and its very easy to apply. Its crystal clarity provides invisible protection, Includes application card and screen cleaning cloth and more.

Price: $12.33

3. InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector

Invisible SHIELD Screen Protector

The InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector is cool protector which is completely scratch proof and guess what you can’t see the protector on the phone screen. Anytime, if you feel that protector is getting older and looks ugly it can be easily removable without leaving marks.

Price: $21.64

4. Rock Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector

Rock Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector

Its another cool anti-fingerprint screen protector using which you can prevent screen scratching and other damage. Its special coating prevents fingerprint marks, Crystal clarity provides invisible protection and custom cut for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Price: $18.54

5. Case-Mate Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Case-Mate Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Case-Mate Anti-Glare Screen Protector is similar to Rock Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector only difference it has that its made from a tough self-adhesive polymer and Special coating prevents fingerprint marks.

Price: $23.19

6. Martin Fields Screen Protector

Martin Fields Screen Protector

The Martin Fields Screen protector is amazing protector which provides superb scratch resistance and offer exceptional clarity. It UV Filters reduce the strain on your eyes, it’s very easy to apply, washable and reusable.

Price: $20.09

7. Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Protectors from Skinomi

Screen Protectors from Skinomi

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen looking new at all times by using a screen protector from Skinomi. It is one of the toughest and clearest protector which you might love to use on your Smartphone. Some of features are listed below :

  • Keep any scratches, scuffs and any other marks away from the surface of your phone
  • UV protective layer keeps the skin from yellowing
  • Will not leave any nasty sticky residue on your phone
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Utilizes self-healing technology
  • Packing includes screen protector, instructions, micro-fiber cloth, installation solution and installation squeegee

Price: $14-24

8. Screen Protector Steinheil Series

Screen Protector Steinheil Series

SGP Steinheil™ Ultra Crystal Film is a high quality film with a hard surface. It protects the LCD screen from scratches and features an advanced optical enhancement layer that improves viewing on LCD screens.

Price: $13.99

9. Belkin Clear Screen Guard (3 Pack)

Belkin Clear Scree Guard

A pack of screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This pack contains 3 protectors in the pack. Specifically made for the Galaxy S III they protect the screen against dust, scratches and fingerprints. Clear in colour they will not affect the viewing experience.

Price: $11.66

10. MFX 5-in-1 Screen Protector

MFX 5 in 1

This 5-in-1 Screen Protector from MFX which prevent your Samsung Galaxy S3 from screen scratching and other damage.It provides crystal clarity provides invisible protection, Comes with 5 screen protectors for 5 times the protection and its very easy to apply. Also Includes application card and screen cleaning cloth.

Price: $18.54

So these are 10 Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3 which we found best for your Samsung Galaxy device.But if you feel there is something left of me then feel free to share.

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