Author: Graeme Sandlin

do's and don't of facebook

Facebook Privacy: What You Need To Know

Oversharing on Facebook is a terrible trend that goes beyond lots of naked baby pictures, videos of cats, and conversations about unicorn meat. The information that gets shared through pictures and status updates provides...

E3 Logo

6 Thoughts About E3 2014 So Far

Did you think all of the rumors about this year’s E3 were going to spoil everything? Maybe you thought all the leaks were going to make Microsoft’s press conference today pointless? Well… if you didn’t, I...

3D Printed Guitar

How 3D Printing Will Transform the World

I’m sitting here at my computer right now, watching the kids play yet another variation of Angry Birds, and remembering what I thought was a cool game growing up. It was called “Archipelagos” and...